Doctor Who Writer Throws Being Human Star’s Name in the Ring For Future TARDIS Inhabitant

He doesn’t have any say in the final decision but Toby Whithouse has some thoughts on who should play the next Doctor on Doctor Who. And it’s someone he knows well – Being Human’s Damien Molony.

With Peter Capaldi about to say goodbye to the TARDIS (as well as Steven Moffat), it’s time to choose a new Doctor. I haven’t really been keeping up with the rumors concerning the casting because they’re exhausting and probably won’t turn out to be true in the end but this one caught my eye today.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Doctor Who and Torchwood writer, and Being Human creator/writer Whithouse threw out a few names. “Damien Molony, who was on Being Human, I’ve always thought he’d be terrific,” he told them. “He’s a fantastic actor. My ideal choice would either be Damien or Chiwetel Ejiofor, who I think would be absolutely terrific.”

While this is the first time I’ve heard Molony be suggested, Ejiofor’s name has been mentioned quite a bit with regards to Doctor Who. (He was thought by many to be the actor Neil Gaiman alluded to turning down the role in 2013.) Many have also been hoping for a woman to take on the classic role this time around with names like Tilda Swinton, Gwendoline Christie, Olivia Colman, and Hayley Atwell being floated.

I was a Being Human fan from almost the very beginning. On this blog I watched it go from a smaller sci-fi show to getting renewed for several seasons, through its cast change, to the Syfy adaption (which turned out pretty great in its own right with an entirely different cast) on through the end.

That said, I don’t see Moloney in this role. He’s talented but comes off a bit too close to Matt Smith for me. But if upcoming showrunner Chris Chibnall would like to keep it in the family, might I suggest actor Lenora Crichlow? She played Annie the ghost in Being Human and Cheen in the Doctor Who episode “Gridlock.” She also voiced the Seventh Doctor’s companion in an alternate timeline audio play.

Who would you like to see take on the coveted role?

4 Responses to “Doctor Who Writer Throws Being Human Star’s Name in the Ring For Future TARDIS Inhabitant”

  1. ShoeboxyOne says:

    I know I’m gonna come off as unpopular here, but I kind of think the next Doctor should be Nicholas Briggs. There was a Doctor that was visually based on him in the comics, and he had a very unique look and personality.

    The toothbrush, the teapot…it’s a very unique motif that I really like. And it’d work more with the “Less prettyboy” vibe that the current generation seems to want to do.

    Or, if they want to bring back previous actors, what about Colin Salmon? The guy who played the Doctor Moon back in Silence in the Library.

    • lev36 says:

      When I saw the name “Nicholas” I immediately thought of Nicholas Cage as the Doctor.

      Now, THAT would be just all kinds of wrong…

  2. lev36 says:

    I do hope the next Doctor isn’t yet another man and/or another white actor

    Hayley Atwell certainly has the presence to play the role. Not sure Crichlow does, but it would be very interesting to see her give it a go. All the other choices you mention above would be good as well.

  3. Until you wrote it, I hadn’t thought of it, but Gwendoline Christie is perfect. Every Doctor is a bit to the side of average in appearance and it would be nice if it wasn’t just gender that set the next Doc apart. She’s tall, pale, and we’re used to her in a physically demanding role. That would be fantastic.