Doctor Who’s Latest Companion Is Behind the TARDIS in New Promo Shot

Pearl Mackie’s Bill looks to be taking a spin behind the TARDIS, or at the very least, inspecting the fancy buttons. She’ll join Peter Capaldi as Companion for the next season of Doctor Who.

BBC America posted this brand new image…

Which shows Mackie in the same outfit she had on in this one from Episode 2 of the upcoming series. She’s previously featured in a short but cute video from set. And she’s already got her Doctor Puppet!

I haven’t been keeping up with a lot of Doctor Who stuff lately, mostly because we’ve got such a long way to go before the new season starts, but I was happy to hear they’re looking to really diversify in their casting. I definitely missed that they cast famous British stage and TV actor David Suchet…

Doctor Who spinoff Class is also something I’m keeping an eye out for. The BBC has apparently advised parents that the show “will feature more mature themes than Doctor Who,” and noted “it is not suitable viewing for younger audiences.”

Creator Patrick Ness took to Twitter to clarify, “Class is a YA show. Suitable for all the same audiences that read YA on up. End of story.”

3 Responses to “Doctor Who’s Latest Companion Is Behind the TARDIS in New Promo Shot”

  1. MisterShoebox says:

    The Landlord? Props to you for creating something more Time-Lordy, BBC, but aren’t there already a couple’a dozen berjillion other Time Lords you can bring back? You got the Monk, the Eleven, the Rani, the War Chief, everyone else in the Deca, ETC.

  2. The Landlord is the ancient enemy of the Time Lords!