DoubleDCoverage #22

I’m back with this week’s installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Who is Batgirl? The question is finally answered! Plus, the secret origin of Mon-El and Daxam. It’s one for the history books! Reviews for Batgirl #1 and Superman Annual #14 are ahead, also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!
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3 Responses to “DoubleDCoverage #22”

  1. Oh good GeekBoy I'm glad you liked it. And may I echo the other Randy when I say, Welcome back! :)

  2. Randy says:

    Have to agree with GeekBoy (welcome back by the way, dude!) that Batgirl #1 was a great read and a promising start to a series that I was really kind of iffy about.

    I am NOT a Cassandra Cain fan. I couldn't be happier that her era as Batgirl has come to an end.

    Anyway, but I digest.

    Stephanie Brown as Batgirl was my second choice. Betty Kane would have been my first. Not that I am disappointed with the second place.

  3. GeekBoy says:

    Continuing my extremely slow descent back into superhero comics, I actually picked up Batgirl #1 last week, and I have to agree, it was great. Nice clean storytelling, pleasing art, and a plot line that wasn't hard to jump into for somebody who hasn't been following DC for a while. It even had a cameo from the characters in the other hero comic I'm reading right now — Batman and Robin — which I look forward to picking up today!