First Photos of Niska & Mia From Humans Season 2, Carrie-Ann Moss Joins the Cast


The British-American science fiction series Humans airs on AMC and Channel 4 and they’re starting to promote for Season 2!

The series is actually based on a Swedish series called Real Humans and revolves around a family who decides to purchase an artificial being, aka Synth, for their home. Before long we realize not all Synths are created equal and people are not too happy with their emerging, human-like personalities.

I watched Season 1 last year and was really impressed with the story and acting. They delve into a lot of really heavy issues. So I was happy to learn Carrie-Anne Moss, most recently standing out in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, will join the cast for Season 2 as an AI expert Dr Athena Morrow. Nashville’s Sam Palladio and Prison Break’s Marshall Allman are also new additions.

Digital Spy has the first image of Emily Berrington’s Niska sporting a new look. With good reason.


Radio Times, who say the next season will pick up several months after the finale, had this phone of Gemma Chan’s Mia.


Season 2 is said to air October 2016 in the UK and sometime 2017 for the US. Have you watched Season 1? What did you think? Mark spoilers in the comments please so those who haven’t seen it can scan over them!

2 Responses to “First Photos of Niska & Mia From Humans Season 2, Carrie-Ann Moss Joins the Cast”

  1. geeky_waffle says:

    I was wondering when season 2 would come out

  2. I liked it & am curious to how it compares to the original.