The First Set Photo From Wonder Woman Features 2 Dudes


The first set photo from Wonder Woman isn’t an official promo shot from Warner Bros. but after everything, I can’t help but chuckle over two dudes (Chris Pine and Saïd Taghmaoui) accidentally winding up as our first look at the long awaited female-led superhero film.

Saïd Taghmaoui, who had previously not been announced as having a role in Wonder Woman, is a Moroccan actor from France who you’ve likely seen in lots of things already. More recently he’s starred in the TV series The Missing and American Hustle.

He reportedly posted set photos to his Instagram, which in turn went to Twitter, Facebook etc. His auto-tweet of one of the now-deleted photos reads: “Let’s do this..! #working #newfilm #thankgodforeverything #alhamdoulilah #maroc #tamazirt”

Here he is with Chris Pine, who previously made his casting official (likely to play Steve Trevor).


Interesting costumes there…

And another with the actors’ chairs which leads me to believe Taghmaoui will have a major role. (Feel free to guess who in the comments!)


To cement that filming has indeed started in the highly-anticipated film (which producer Charles Roven had just said wouldn’t start until the end of the month) DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tweeted to the director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins on November 10th:

And then tweeted his location in the UK, where the film was said to be filming (along with Italy).

My nitpicking and silliness aside, I’m actually really excited to see that shot of the actors as it confirms a war-era setting for at least part of the film. Also, if Pine is indeed playing Steve Trevor and he does wind up Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman love interest, we could be looking at another Captain America/Peggy Carter situation here.

What do you think? We’ll be seeing Gadot first next March when she stars as the Amazon Princess in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

(via ComicBookMovie)

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10 Responses to “The First Set Photo From Wonder Woman Features 2 Dudes”

  1. Aside from the actor, I’m looking forward to this. Maybe she’ll convince me during?

  2. PowerSerg says:

    I’m not really excited for this film at all sadly. I’m kinda always let down that Wonder Woman is never who she could be and is always this side line don’t make the guys made kinda thing.

    Still I hope for the best.

    • That is exactly the reason why you should GET excited! This is her time and maybe the characters one shot to become a household name again like she was in the 70’s.

      • PowerSerg says:

        I really doubt it, like really really doubt it. In the universe they built, with the tone of the universe alone is enough for me not to think this will be good. I don’t yet trust Gals acting but I don’t really care to judge her skill yet. That her movie appears to have a very male driven narrative from what we know it’s just all ehh.

        • PretenderNx01 says:

          If you just don’t want to like, no one can convince you otherwise but I don’t see how “her movie appears to have a very male driven narrative” unless you take the leak of a pic as seriously as this writer seems to with “The First Set Photo From Wonder Woman Features 2 Dudes”. This isn’t an official photo and is not part of any marketing.

          Her becoming involved with Steve Trevor during a war is pretty classic Wonder Woman.

          • PowerSerg says:

            I’m totally talking rumors here in how it appears to be male driven. Several of the rumors talk about it connecting heavily to bat vs sup, stuff like that.

            Idk though it will take a lot to impress me in general I didn’t even like the animated Wonder Woman movie I thought it had a lot of like sexist attitudes that were just inherent in the writing.

          • You’re not wrong about the animated movie. I liked a lot about it, and actually have it on DVD, but Gail Simone said in an interview that her original story for did not feature a lot of the ‘battle of the sexes’ attitude that the final product had, and she wasn’t entirely happy about the finished script. I’m still waiting for a really, really good Wonder Woman adaptation that really gets the character, and not a whole lot about the (admittedly little) we know of this upcoming movie is making me feel very confident that this will deliver. Her costume, the focus thus far of her with swords and weapons and looking angry in all the footage we have, the mostly confirmed rumor that she’s a demigod (like in the horrible New 52 origin) instead of a clay baby; add these to the general tone of the DC movies footage we have thus far and it’s really not what I’m looking for. I appreciate the period piece for her solo movie, and the fact that she’s immortal, but otherwise I’m not really sold here.

          • PowerSerg says:

            I’m pretty much in the same boat as you here. That is interesting to hear then glad she wasn’t proud of it because when I saw her name as a writer I was like “This is the person who wrote the run of Wonder Woman I am told to go read, guess I won’t. ”

            Yah I don’t like all the new 52 crap ether.

          • Oh, no no no, you do still have to read Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman run. Like, right now. It is excellent. It’s high adventure Wonder Woman; she’s going to space and teaming up with DC’s 70’s era swords and sorcery characters and hanging out with her hyper intelligent gorilla buddies and Etta Candy is an excellent supporting character. So definitely read it.

            It was, of all things, an interview I think with the Suicide Girls, and the animated movie came up, and she pointed out a couple things she wasn’t happy with about the final product, and confirmed those elements got added in after she was finished with her contributions to the project.

            But yeah, the New 52 Wonder Woman has not been good, neither the Azzarello run nor the current creative team, and I fear this is the version the movie will be operating off of the most. Though to be fair, in the trailer she appears to clash the bracelets together and summon lightning, which is a move Gail Simone gave her.

          • Hey, writer here. Did not take it seriously. Was attempting to be lighthearted considering what’s lead us to this point.