Wonder Woman May Pick Up Nicole Kidman as an Amazon Warrior


We know very little of Warner Bros. live-action Wonder Woman film but a new report says Nicole Kidman may be cast in the film.

Yes it’s true, Dr. Chase Meridian may meet Princess Diana. Ok FINE, Batman Forever isn’t in current DC movie canon but I can still pretend!

“An individual familiar with the project” told The Wrap the actor was in “negotiations to play a high-ranking Amazonian warrior” in the Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman.

While Kidman’s potential role has yet to be confirmed, the Queen of the Amazons in the “Wonder Woman” comics is Hyppolyta, who also happens to be Diana Prince’s biological mother — though it’s unclear whether the film will remain faithful to that storyline. Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder are producing “Wonder Woman” with Charles Roven and Richard Suckle of Atlas Entertainment. Jason Fuchs (“Pan”) wrote the script.

I’m a fan of Kidmans’ work (though I’ll admit the last role I saw her in was 2001’s The Others) and she’s 5′ 11″ which is fantastic for an Amazon but I’m still holding out hope for Lynda Carter getting cast as Hippolyta. I’m not sure who else I see Kidman as except Hera but she’s not an Amazon. Perhaps Antiope?

We’ll just wait until more hard details are revealed, which will likely be a while from now. Star Trek’s Chris Pine was recently confirmed as being in the film, likely playing Wonder Woman’s link to our world, Steve Trevor, and the film is set to be released on June 23, 2017. Gadot will first appear as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when that’s released March 25, 2016.


17 Responses to “Wonder Woman May Pick Up Nicole Kidman as an Amazon Warrior”

  1. Jeyl says:

    If she’s Hippolyte, obviously they want to convey that Wonder Woman got all her features from her father…. Fudge.

    • frodobatmanvader says:

      Or, you know, the clay she was made from? (Yeah, I know. They’re not doing that origin, but still.)

      • Jeyl says:

        They don’t want you to think of her ‘clay’ origin. They want you to see her as a demi-god who’s role has been long laid out for her by Zeus himself.

        • frodobatmanvader says:

          Right. Because what makes Wonder Woman special is how she fits into a man’s framework. (Eye roll)

          • Jeyl says:

            Why else do you think they wrote off her mother, the other Amazons? All of her allies consisted oof mostly male characters throughout Brian’s entire run. Her amazon training was practically spelled out for us to be inadequate next to Ares’ training. Also, Amazons condone child slavery in literal hellish conditions.

          • frodobatmanvader says:

            You’re… you’re with me in agreeing that all of that was a BAD thing, right?

          • Jeyl says:

            Yep. 100% in agreement.

          • frodobatmanvader says:

            Ok, good. Because, yeah, all of that was (to quote Leonard Da Vinci) “HORSE SHIT!”

          • Jeyl says:

            Even if all that stuff didn’t bother me (IT DOES), I’d still argue that Brian’s run was less about Wonder Woman and more about the New Gods that both Brian and Cliff wouldn’t shut up about. She’s the most passive Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen and that should not be a trait.

          • frodobatmanvader says:

            Yeah… she barely had a personality! Just… *ugh* that run, so much!

        • To be fair, everyone gets long laid by Zeus eventually.

          • Jeyl says:

            That’s kind of the problem. You’ve taken the most iconic female super hero and essentially threw in an origin that amounts to ‘she’s the daughter of a guy who likes to have sex with a lot of people and that gives her powers’.

          • He’s also the guy that defeated the Titans, is most revered of all the gods, sits high atop the throne on Mt. Olympus.

          • Jeyl says:

            Which is why when Wonder Woman used to deal with him back in the pre-Nu52 days, she did it as an Amazon. You don’t need to make her his daughter for her to be important to the mythology or interesting as a character.

          • Agreed. Though she hasn’t been interesting since she stopped being a diplomat and, eventually, blinded herself.

  2. They Call Me The Fizz says:

    Part of me was hoping that Nicole would be a villain… And with this being a prequel period piece, it would’ve been neat to see Kidman build off her work as Golden Compass’ Mrs. Coulter to play Baroness Von Gunther…