Geek Girls Rule

I get a break from writing today since some of the ladies from the Girls Entertainment Network and I put together a few fun pieces for you to enjoy over there.

First up, fellow GEN Comic writers VirtualGirl, WITA and myself compiled a list of our favorite comics of 2008. We each chose a few and separated them into handy categories for ya too! So check out “Comics: Best of 2008.” I’m betting you guys will probably be able to pick out which were mine.

Next, head on over to “You Know You Are A Geek If…GEN Edition.” Obviously all the girls at GEN are geeks and I think between all of us we cover just about every kind there is. Well now is your chance to check out specifically what makes up a geek girl and believe me, we get very specific. I sorta came in on the tail end of this one so my list won’t be posted until later today or tomorrow depending on how busy VirtualGirl is. I’ll give you one preview of mine for now:

She finds Tim Curry’s character in Legend irresistibly attractive.

2 Responses to “Geek Girls Rule”

  1. Randy says:

    Truth be told, I always found Tim Curry to be mildly arousing as well. TMI? Tough. Deal with it.