GEN Presents: Eisners 2009

Something very cool is happening next week at the Girls Entertainment Network, which you all know by now I write comic reviews for. Here’s the deal: For one exciting week in July, the GEN comics team reviews over fifty books nominated for the 2009 Eisner Awards! Below is our official press release.

In celebration of the 2009 Eisner Awards, the Girls Entertainment Network comics team will be presenting a week-long feature event focusing on a select ten nomination categories: Best Short Story, Best Continuing Series, Best Limited Series, Best New Series, Best Digital Comic, Best Writer, Best Writer/Artist, Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team, Best Cover Artist, and Best Coloring. The articles—released two at a time for a total of ten articles—will be written by the five comics staff members and focus on one category at a time, highlighting each of the nominees.

This upcoming event will help to promote comics at the Girls Entertainment Network and build a better interactive community of readers and fans. To facilitate this process and strengthen the overall outcome, three winners will be randomly chosen from a pool of commenters during the event week. The winners will be announced and contacted by the Comics Editor, Stephanie “WITA” Carmichael, at the end of the contest, and each will be awarded a custom Eisner-nominated prize pack featuring a congratulatory note from the GEN comics girls!

The Eisner review feature is the biggest undertaking from the GEN comics section yet and results from the collaboration of dozens of publishers and creators—including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and many more! The event and contest will begin Monday, July 6th and end Friday, July 10th.

-About the Girls Entertainment Network:

Forget sugar and spice – The Girls Entertainment Network is redefining what girls are made of. Spearheaded by a female staff, GEN fosters a dedicated and diverse group of ladies who are, first and foremost, fans. Readers who frequent the site can expect content written by individuals whose knowledge of the greater enthusiast culture is on par with their own.

Although GEN’s primary focus is to offer a platform to females, everyone – male and female alike – is encouraged to participate in the latest conversations pertaining to video games, comics, anime, gadgets, and cosplay as well as join our growing community of friendship and support.

GEN stands out among tech culture websites by breaking down gender stereotypes and showing the world that today’s ladies are taking control of the controller and digging through your comic collection.

So there you have it folks. The GEN comics team has been rolling out outstanding work for a while now but this is our official “coming out” party if you will. We’re really hoping to get a larger comic crowd (not just girls!) to our site on a more regular basis so if you haven’t already please take two minutes to sign up, one, so you’ll be able to comment on our awesome reviews/articles in the future but also of course so you can comment on our Eisner feature and put yourself in the running for the prizes!
Come Monday we are going to be promoting this like MAD so please help us out by spreading the word if you’ve got your own blog/twitter/myspace/facebook/tv station, whatever! Anything will do and the entire team, including myself, would really appreciate it. Last but not least, ENJOY! We really did put an enormous amount of work into this event and although I’m biased because I wrote ten of the reviews, it really has turned out top-notch.
Enjoy your holiday weekend and hope to see you on GEN on Monday!

6 Responses to “GEN Presents: Eisners 2009”

  1. Cute Pig says:

    nice post…good job!!!

  2. M says:

    PRIZES?! From GIRLS?! Regarding EISNER?! What's not to love?

  3. Randy says:

    It's OK. I happen to LIKE girl cooties. ;)

  4. Rafiq Raja says:

    Looks this time Eisner is going to be a fun event, with lots of reviews being thrown in too add the spice.

    Looking forward for it.


  5. Amber Love says:

    Don't worry. The prizes won't have girl cooties.

  6. WITA says:

    Yes, we have fabulous prizes! :D For THREE winners!

    And she's right: It is top-notch (and I'm not biased at all). ;)