Graphic Novel Review: The Good Neighbor – Kin

Think happy thoughts. This isn’t your friendly neighborhood Tinker Bell.

Do you believe in faeries? What first comes to mind? Is it the tiny little Disney gals with the pretty wings or is it the mischievous devils that will lead travelers astray or possibly even steal your baby? Holly Black (Tithe, The Spiderwick Chronicles) and Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Polly and the Pirates) would have you believe there is only room for one. Better find that happy memory and hold on tight.

Rue is a regular teenager. She lives at home with her parents, goes to school and dates the lead singer of a rock band. Rue, her boyfriend Dale, friend Lucy and Lucy’s boyfriend Justin spend most of their time drinking lots and lots of coffee and breaking into abandoned buildings to take pictures. She likes to act like nothing bothers her but when her mother up and goes missing for three weeks she starts to crack at the seams. Not that she hasn’t always been a little cracked to begin with mind you. Rue sees and hears things that can’t be real. It used to just be out of the corner of her eye but with her mom gone it’s been happening right out in the open. What would you think if a woman with a goat head walked by you? Disturbing doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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2 Responses to “Graphic Novel Review: The Good Neighbor – Kin”

  1. Haha, thanks Randy. Yeah this is out now. Nominated for an Eisner too.

  2. Randy says:

    I feel bad that no one has responded to this thread, as this looks like a very promisingly cool story. I like the concept.

    Has this already come out?