Graphic Novel Review: Wonderland

It’s been a wild week of reviews for The Nerdy Bird. A wild week of Through the Looking Glass type reviews come to think of it. Anyway, I’m off to San Diego next week for Comic Con International so I had to churn these out while I still had a mind to work with. I saved the best for last.
The White Rabbit is still late, the Queen of Hearts still wants your head and Alice is Mary Ann. Wait, who’s Mary Ann?

If Lewis Carroll were alive today, he would have written Wonderland. Sadly, he’s been six feet under for quite some time now and while Zombie Lewis Carroll sounds like a lot of fun to me, that’s a graphic novel tale for another day (I’d like story credit for whomever winds up writing that by the way). Fortunately for us, writer Tommy Kovac (Autumn, Skelebunnies) and artist Sonny Liew (My Faith in Frankie, Malinky Robot) offer up a story worthy of Carroll’s lofty imaginative legacy without the smelly corpse.

In the simplest terms, Wonderland is Alice in Wonderland without Alice. Replacing her is the vaguely similar, and decidedly unusual Mary Ann. Do you remember hearing that name briefly in the 1951 Disney film or reading it in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? I admit I was always curious to find out who she was but there was so much going on in the story I quickly forgot about her. Kovac tells us she’s the White Rabbit’s servant. An extremely OCD servant at that. She cannot stand for a mess, even if it’s outside on a dirt road, she must clean. Mary Ann begins a journey not unlike Alice’s where she passes through peculiar doors and falls down lengthy holes without so much as a scratch. She meets all the familiar characters – the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar (now a butterfly of course), the Cheshire Cat, etc. She’s treated just like Alice too, completely ignored one minute and the center of some much heated attention the next.
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