Hey, That’s My Cape! – Batman 3 Villains: Who should it be?

Rumor, gossip and hopes are pretty much all we have for the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise so far. He’s confirmed a July 2012 release for the as-yet-untitled, as-yet-cast film but we know this much; the script is currently being worked on by David Goyer and Jonah Nolan and will not feature the Joker or Mr. Freeze as it’s villains. Now, we wait.

While the script is still being written I’m sure the team has at least settled on their villain(s). That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to speculate. And after all, isn’t that what the internet is for? The loudest votes I’ve heard seem to be for the Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman. It could be any one of them, a combination of two or none at all but my issue is this, they’ve all been used in Batman films before, so why not dig deeper into his Rogues Gallery?

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5 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Batman 3 Villains: Who should it be?”

  1. Dave says:

    The Riddler throwing out puzzles and questioning Batman/Bruce's sanity. He should most definitely be played by Daniel Day Lewis.

  2. Nick says:

    It's a shame that everyone seems to be shying away from Batmans' more fantasy-oriented villains, because I think a Clayface storyline could be incredible. Think the shapeshifting from Terminator 2 brought to a whole new level!

    Also, Batman vs. Manbat would be fantastic!

  3. Randy says:

    I'm thinking with Riddler they can at least bring out the Darknight DETECTIVE aspect of Batman as he tried to figure out the multiple meanings that are always prevalent in Eddie Nigma's riddles.

  4. Adam says:

    There were several good scripts floating around before Begins was made.

    One that I liked involved Harley Quinn enlisting the Scarecrow to get revenge on Batman for killing Joker. The fear gas would also induce hallucinations of the Joker.

    Personally, I think the next film should debut a lot of characters in small roles, like Zsasz in Begins.

    So a story like Arkham Asylum, or preferably, the Long Halloween.

  5. Okie says:

    I would love to see Harley Quinn step out beside the Joker. I'm also particularly fond of the Riddler, but that's just me (putting him alongside the Joker could be interesting…though I don't want a Jim Carey Riddler)