Hey, That’s My Cape! – Too Many BATMEN Could Spoil The Cowl

What is Batman? Is he a person or an idea? Man or myth? Depending on the person you’re asking, real world or fictional, you’ll get a varying degree of answers but one thing has always been true. Batman is one person. Until he wasn’t. Oh god, this is going to make my brain hurt, isn’t it?

Surprise of the year! (insert sarcasm) Bruce Wayne will be returning not only from the dead or the time stream or his acid trip but to his old job as Batman. Yes, comic fans already knew this was inevitable so what’s the big deal? The NY Post reported earlier this week that Bruce’s protégé Dick Grayson would not be taking off his clothes. I mean, removing his costume. I mean, stepping down as Batman.

Check out my highly debated opinion in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama. They’ve even included a nifty poll on who you think Batman should be so go read and vote!

4 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Too Many BATMEN Could Spoil The Cowl”

  1. Amanda says:

    We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm thrilled that Dick won't be stepping down as soon as Bruce shows back up. I don't think anyone could keep Bruce from being Batman (in or out of comics) but I'm happy with the direction for the time being. Eventually Dick will stop being Batman and will probably be Nightwing again, and that's fine, I'm just happy that we get some more Dick Grayson as Batman stories before that happens!

    Thanks for writing this up though, as it inspired me to write up a piece on my own blog about it! I would be thrilled if you checked it out (although I realize you are probably too busy to check out the blog of every random commentor!).

  2. The Batman Corps, anyone?

  3. Blubeetle3 says:

    Dear Bats,

    I have some bad news for you. The Nerdy Bird thinks you're washed up. Done. Kaput.

    She as much as said you should hang up the cape and cowl!

    I know that it's hard to believe. Especially, after she professed her undying love and all that jazz… on numerous occasions… rather loudly… and a bit stalkerishly, too.

    Personally, I think she's suffering from the same affliction as another mobile redhead… an infatuation with DICK! (Ewww… that sounded dirtier than I intended.)

    Well, Bats, hope you can shake this crushing news off.

    Your bud in the Bug,


    (Mistakenly sent here instead of to Batman.)

  4. Dom says:

    With several people in the Bat get-up the Bat-team can totally pull that stunt the 3 Amigos use in the movie Terminator 2…ok ok, the movie was actually called The Three Amigos. It just seemed awkward typing 3 Amigos again…redundant and all.

    3 Amigos, 3 Amigos, 3 Amigos!