Holy Corset, Batman!

Whilst searching for some Batwoman attire for myself the other night (yeah, I do that sometimes) I stumbled upon this delightful item and purchased it immediately.

This illustration is titled “Batwoman 1899” and was put together by the user spyderfyngers at Zazzle.com. I’ve never been to the site before, it’s along the lines of Cafe Press, but the shirts are ultra expensive for seemingly no reason at all. Unfortunately they were selling to a particularly niche that I fit quite comfy in and well, how often do you come across something like this? The answer: last month. Regardless, I snatched it up and will wear it with geeky Victorian pride.

Here’s another shirt I found myself immediately drawn to. This one is considered a “Batgirl Costume T-shirt” by 80stees.com. “This Junk Food Brand shirt features a design just like Batgirl’s costume from the waist up!” according to them. But, seeing as how Batgirl doesn’t feel the need to display her name across her chest, they get a FAIL and do not get my $28. (Secretly, I still kinda want it.)
Right now, I’m sure you guys out there are thinking, “Gee wiz, Nerdy Bird, I wish there were some Batman apparel I could wear!” Never fear! I haven’t forgotten about the fellas. How about a nice Batman G-String Thong? You can thank pmtreasurechest from Etsy.com for the thoughts this one puts in your head. “Lined for comfort. The size is one size fits most (medium to large).” Sorry small and extra-large, you’re just going to have to find your Batman G-String Thong elsewhere.

9 Responses to “Holy Corset, Batman!”

  1. Hey there! Glad you stopped by to say hello. Glad to see your getting some traffic from this, I really do love the design. :)

  2. Ratwingle says:

    Spyderfyngers here – I'm so glad you like the bat lady! I've had loads of people coming to my shop directly from your post, so thank you kindly. :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    those shirt designs are cool. as for the thong….

  4. Amber Love says:

    You are The Awesome!

  5. Got my shirt today. Just like to say for the record, the color looks nowhere close to what it does on the site. THe shirt looks more gray than blue.

  6. allstarme says:

    Hmm, actually, Target is currently selling some nifty Batman briefs for guys and a.) if my husband wore those and b.) if he gave a damn about Batman I would totally want him to sport those.

  7. Bill D. says:

    The world did not need a Batmanana Hammock.

  8. Randy says:


    I'm sure the designers of that Batgirl shirt felt it was necessary to emblazon the logo with the words because of the three or four people out there who have never heard of the character(s). I agree it's unnecessary.

    The g-string is something I have never ever thought about.

  9. TS Hendrik says:

    "I'll use my ultra secret batarang to penetrate her defenses."

    "Holy bat-dong Batman!"

    I think having 'Batgirl' on it wouldn't ruin the shirt if a guy wore it. Then instead of people thinking "give us a little credit" they'd be thinking "oh, he's a fan of Batgirl."