How Twitter Brought an Actor & an Artist to The DEVIL INSIDE

Pretend you’re the Devil. You’ve been running Hell for a few millennia and you’re just kind of done with it. Could you just up and leave? Would the forces of Hell let you? Never mind that. Would Heaven let you freely walk the Earth? And if you did make a successful break for it, what kind of life would you live?

That’s the foundation of Devil Inside, the weekly webcomic from artist Dennis Calero (Man of the Atom, X-Men: Noir) and actor Todd Stashwick (The Riches, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

“If he doesn’t use his mojo he doesn’t show up on their radar so he’s really working very hard to not be the thing that he is,” said Stashwick of their Devil named Jack, “It’s a man caught between his past and what he hopes his future is.”

“Sort of in the same way as the Incredible Hulk, he establishes himself in a community and tries to sort of live life as a man but he is what he is and he has to use his powers which is fun for us to watch,” said Calero, “It’s a lot about the nature of evil and the nature of choice and how those two things are interrelated.”

Read my full interview with the creative team at Newsarama to find out how these crazy kids found each other and what the hell the Devil’s doing on Earth.

6 Responses to “How Twitter Brought an Actor & an Artist to The DEVIL INSIDE”

  1. Hey Paul,

    Stashwick here. In answer to your post about Sandman. Great point and thanks for bringing it up.
    I was weaned on Vertigo comics growing up. I, like many, devoured Sandman. When the genesis (no pun intended) of the idea for Devil Inside came up We thought long and hard about it's comparison to Lucifer. We had long talks about our cosmology and our take of the character of Jack as the warden of the underworld and Dennis and I felt the similarities end at the stating the premise "The devil quits". Our story is in many ways a "The monster that grows a conscience" story. In the same way that many vampire stories share lineage to Stoker's "Tortured vampire" From Anne rice to Angel to True blood to Being Human. Devil Inside also owes a debt to those stories as well. In that way we bear comparison to Iron Giant too. There's a whiff of Jekyll and Hyde and Bixby's Hulk TV show, a little bit of Kung Fu and I'm sure a thousand other influences swimming around in our minds. We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors and always hope that we explore these themes in a fresh way that is entertaining.

  2. Easy Paul, I didn't review it at all. :)

  3. Not sure how you can review this without even mentioning Sandman :-)

  4. @K. Starks, it's in the second paragraph on Newsarama.

  5. K. Starks says:

    am I missing a link somewhere directly to the webcomic site?

  6. CDerosby says:

    very cool idea. Is it the Devil searching out redemption or just the devil as the ultimate slacker, looking for a way to get out of his contract? Either way, sounds interesting.