I didn’t go to ECCC.

As my title states, I didn’t go to the Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, Washington this past weekend. Although, I think everyone else I know did because the internets were empty. Anyway, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you all about the exciting news that came out of the DC panels.

Comic Book Resources was there to cover said panels, particularly the DC Nation and Green Lantern: The Future is Bright sessions. Here are the highlights as I see them:

  • Green Arrow is going to have a “big” year and Star City “will be one of the greatest cities in the DCU,” according to writer James Robinson.
  • DC is “seriously planning for” digital distribution says Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler.
  • Batman Beyond comic coming in June as well as a Superman Beyond.
  • Larfleeze Christmas Special coming this December! I actually know the story behind this one, trust me when I say it’s genius.
  • Writer Geoff Johns revealed, possibly by mistake, that the JSA would be returning next season on Smallville.
  • Robinson is developing a Shade series.
  • “Big plans” for the Marvel Family coming up.
  • You might have already heard this elsewhere last week but Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner are all leaving Power Girl after issue #12.
The Green Lantern panel did not reveal any real shocking information but that’s to be expected I suppose seeing as how Blackest Night has yet to finish up. The gist:
  • Next week’s Green Lantern Corps might make you angry if you’re sensitive about Women In Refrigerators.
  • Rage Kitty Dex-Starr will be getting an origin story. “He’s actually from Earth,” said Johns. This one is going to be a lot of fun too from what I’ve heard.
  • Brightest Day is a story, not just a banner. Johns said it’s, “about second chances. Some work out, some don’t.”
  • Larfleeze’s latern oath will be revealed in an upcoming issue of Green Lantern.
  • Johns has longer than a 5-year plan for more Green Lantern stories.
  • Green Lantern Corps will NOT be getting that second feature that was previously announced.
  • Hal Jordan will be having more adventures in the 58th century. This reveal came thanks to Mark Waid who joined the panel later on.
  • The deputized Lantern Corps members will revert to their old personas soon but keep “strong ties with” their emotional equals.
And there you have it. That seems to be most of the DC news to come out of ECCC so I guess I don’t feel too bad about not flying across the country to hear it in person. :) What do you think?

6 Responses to “I didn’t go to ECCC.”

  1. PTLindy says:

    I thought Larfleeze's Oath had already been revealed . . . "MINE!"

    BTW, share Bill D.'s reservations about the Marvel Family "big plans." Given that the last set of plans for them included:

    Mary Marvel getting "seduced", "going bad", getting better, going bad again, losing powers.

    Captain Marvel "becoming Shazam", losing powers

    CM3 (or Junior), losing powers, getting some powers back, getting tied up and mouth sewn shut, still being hunted by crazy Shazam.

  2. Orangutan says:

    "DC is "seriously planning for" digital distribution says Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler."

    I am very, VERY intrigued by this. Especially if that should include back issues.

  3. Bill D. says:

    Every time someone says they have "big plans" for the Marvel Family, I get nervous. That so rarely works out well.

  4. Sagacious T says:

    Next year you should come out to ECCC…I'm sure there are plenty of us Seattle-ites who would enjoy a tweetup to meet ya in person :)

  5. Rebelcomix says:

    Larfleeze Christmas special sounds good, just so long as it doesn't amount to Grinch Who Stole Christmas – WITH A TWIST! —that would be really, REALLY bad.

    I'm firmly against reverting the "New Guardian" lanterns. None of them, including Barry and Diana, has ever been more interesting. Seriously, get rid of the weird collar and Diana would be on top of her game.

  6. sector2813 says:

    Great review, thank you for the information