I guess I’m out of the book club.

Is there anything greater than this? I don’t think so.

Get your very own Benjamin Linus bobblehead at this years Comic Con International. Created by Bif Bang Pow! this is just the first in a line of collectables based on the characters from Lost. Michael Emerson’s head kind of lends itself to being a bobblehead already doesn’t it? It will be available exclusively at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) at SDCC and retails for $17. I can’t get enough of the description from the press release: “Based on recent storylines from the show, he comes bruised and bloodied with his arm in a sling…but you wouldn’t want him any other way!”

“The twists, turns and multiple threads that characterize Lost give rise to a host of distinctive and unforgettable characters. These characters lend themselves to the creation of unique figures and accessories that have terrific fan appeal and serve to memorialize this exceptional TV series,” said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bam Pow! Accessories?? Oh please tell me they’re making a four-toed statue!!

I love that it’s presented as a Dharma product. Who do you think would have been the biggest collector in the Dharma Initiative? I say Mikhail. Or maybe Horace. I kind of hope they don’t make bobbleheads out of ALL of the characters though. I mean, really, who actually needs or wants a lame Kate bobblehead? Not me.

6 Responses to “I guess I’m out of the book club.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm seriously going to have start creating a list of the things I want. I just wish that there was one place where they would list exclusives and autograph signings. There are so many changes, even during the show that the Comic-Con website can't really handle it! But I can't wait!

  2. A bit ironic, since Ben (as far as we know) is responsible for the Dharma Initiative genocide.

    Also, I think you mean "Horace," but it's understandable, what with all of the Egyptian themes in Season Five.

  3. Ngewo says:

    I want a Mr. Eko bobblehead, with Jesus Club…

  4. Hmmm…not sure the eyes are buggy enough. And I would have had him carrying a rabbit.


  5. SkullHands says:

    Love the quote you use as the title to your post. Quintessential Ben!

    Someone should start a book club called that. :)

  6. WITA says:

    That's the best thing evahhhh!

    YESS, MIKHAIL. <3 Or as I call him, "Pirate Guy." I miss him.

    They should make a Desmond one, too.