In case you missed it…

I was away from the computer for most of the holiday weekend, and maybe you were too, so here’s a look at something truly fantastical that popped up while I was absent. The first look at Doctor Fate and Stargirl, plus more Hawkman from the two-hour Smallville movie penned by none other than Geoff Johns, “Absolute Justice.”

I am blown away by these costumes. Usually on Smallville they go with an alternate/updated look for their superheroes, which can sometimes go horribly wrong, so I’m thrilled beyond belief that they’ve kept things classic for the JSA’s appearance. The three guest-stars are no strangers to sci-fi/geek television: Brent Stait is playing Doctor Fate, Britt Irvin is Stargirl and Michael Shanks is Hawkman. The Sandman is also making an appearance, played by Ken Lawson, catch a quick glimpse of him in the promo for the special now airing February 5, 2010. In case you were wondering, it already has the Geoff Johns seal of approval.

What do you all think of the costumes? Do you like that they went the traditional route or would you rather they have sleeked them out for the newer generation? For more of my thoughts about the Smallville JSA episode, the JSA’s recent shift in the comics, Blackest Night and more check out something else you may have missed over the weekend – the fellas from Hour 42 invited me on as their guest once again last night. You can stream or download the podcast here.

8 Responses to “In case you missed it…”

  1. Mike Brown says:

    I love, love, love the costumes. I know some people have already said this, but there's something about Smallville taking an iconic super hero and saying that his iconography is stupid that has always sort of low-wattage bugged me. No tights, indeed.

    I always assumed the "no flights" was because the flying effects cost too much.

    Having said that, I don't like Dean Cain's Superman costume and I don't know why. It just looked cheap. I didn't enjoy the last Superman movie, but I did love his costume. I know that costumes in movies like Spider-Man and Batman cost a ton of money to make, but it's just part of the super hero thing to have costumes. It's part of what people like about it.

    The JSA costumes are perfect for old school costuming. I am hoping this is the most popular episode ever and we spin out into a JSA show. Too soon to be thinking that? I wonder if the network executives know what Power Girl's costume looks like. I'm really surprised she's not in this.

    Love, love, love the costumes.

  2. dogimo says:

    I like the impression these costumes create, of the Justice Society as sort of an old-school old-guard, having to step in and mix it up with these young upstarts.

  3. haha… i love superhero costumes. These look great though. His wings are crazy!

  4. Flynne says:

    As someone who has never liked "Smallville" and Jon Peter's "No flight, no tights" mantra for the show, I look foward to seeing this. I have minor complaints, but compared to Green Arrow and Black Canary's costumes, those complaints seem ridiculous.

    It has always amazed me that live action producers always feel that the "spandex and tights" outfits are to be avoided when the most successful properties (The Batman, Iron-Man, and Spider-Man franchises come to mind) embrace them whole heartedly. If Spidey doesn't look ridiculous in a one piece jumpsuit, and Bruce Wayne's "bat ears" don't make you giggle, then the rest of the outfits are probably OK too. OK, maybe not Ma Hunkle's "Red Tornado" outfit or Aquaman's "Sea Camo" jumsuit, but you get the idea.

    Love the blog, and keep up the great work.

  5. MaGnUs says:

    They look good… just a couple of complaints. Yes, the mask on STargirl, as Eric says… and the size of Hawkman's wings. Tiny.

    Still, this is not Smallville (aka Dawson's Super Creek) but Geoff Johns-ville, like the LSH episode. So I'll watch this.

  6. Amber Love says:

    I can't believe Smallville is sticking so closely with the source material on these costumes. That's a true shocker!

    I need to download the Hour42 podcast. I'm so behind on my various -casts.

  7. Eric says:

    The costumes look pretty darn good overall. Dr. Fate looks great. Hawkman looks less ridiculous here than in a previous image and there's probably no way to avoid making his mask look at least a little goofy on an actual person. My only quibble is with Stargirl's outfit from the neck up. I know some versions of it have the mask like that, but it looks kind of bulky. I'll assume they didn't have it connect to the rest of her costume like in the comics for the sake of the actress's comfort and mobility, but in that case, Courtney's smaller mask probably would've worked better. Either way, it's certainly better than Black Canary's "mask." I'm really hoping that Cosmic Staff lights up.

  8. Randy says:

    I think they look great as-is. I wouldn't change a thing and am looking forward to this 'movie.'