Is there a new Batgirl animated series on the way?

Hmm, what’s this?

ComicVine posted the clip which aired directly after the finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold on the Cartoon Network in England. EDIT: Apparently it was part of the actual episode.(Thanks to commenter Emma!) Is this another short-film featuring a Batman character in an alternate world as the series has done in the past, or something much, much more?

I think you can guess what I’m hoping for.
You may remember I called attention to an online petition a while back after Bruce Timm made this comment:

We had originally planned to do sequels for Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, but Wonder Woman’s sales started out extremely slow and then over time were eventually able to catch up to probably Justice League [New] Frontier. The Exec’s decided because it wasn’t able to sell quickly right away, where as Justice League was, that there wouldn’t be any more female super hero films right now. We were developing and hoping to get started on a Batgirl film based on Year One, but because of Wonder Woman’s slow sales start, that won’t be happening now.

Have they finally heard our cries? I haven’t heard any hints on or off-line previous to this but with Barbara Gordon returning to the mantle of Batgirl in the comics come next month, it would certainly seem like the right time to pull off a Batgirl series.
Even if it’s just to gauge fan interest, this is big news. Let Warner Bros. know you liked what you saw (or even if you didn’t but want a project like this to go through) and perhaps we could be seeing Babs get in that spotlight she so truly deserves!

11 Responses to “Is there a new Batgirl animated series on the way?”

  1. Nick says:

    This good be really promising, although I'm torn over whether I like Barbara Gordon best as Batgirl or as Oracle. Such a great character with a wonderful arc.

  2. S says:

    This would be wonderful! I definitely have a lot more to say (check out for my thoughts), but to keep it short: This looks good, and I hope the people in charge are noticing all the buzz!

  3. Paul Nomad says:

    The animation reminds me of the trailer for the Gatchaman movie that will never be.

  4. rental mobil says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  5. Lebeau2501 says:

    Looks interesting. I need to catch up on my DC cartoons. I remember loving the Batman cartoon from the 90's. I'm curious about the DC reboot. I am stuck in my little Marvel corner and have considered checking out some of the new #1's since it seems like a good jumping-on point. Batwoman looks good. Anything you would suggest to someone that doesn't read any DC books? What are you going to read? Drop me a comment.

  6. BDS says:

    The Wonder Woman Animated Movie is one of the best put out by either DC or Marvel. Every person I bought it for or recommended it to LOVED it. I agree with the marketing issue. Do a better job and then see how it goes.

  7. Emma says:

    This was actually part of the episode – it didn't air afterwards. The whole plot of the episode revoloved around Batmite trying to get B:BATB cancelled. He wanted a new, moody Batman series and saw this 'trailer' while he was watching TV.

    So, not sure if they would put a trailer within another show, and not flag it up as being the real deal. Though, they could just be teasing fans. But it definitely wasn't aired after the show had finished as an ad for a Batgirl series.

    More's the pity since I would watch the hell out of this. I can't believe a Batgirl film was dumped because of WW's poor sales – the mind boggles.

  8. Bubbashelby says:

    I'd watch this until my eyes fell out of my head.

    Wonder Woman was one of the best DC Animated films. Zombie Amazons, people. ZOMBIE AMAZONS! And Batgirl: Year One is one of the best Batgirl reads in a long time.

    The corporations and bigwig decision makers behind these projects need to stop blaming the fans and start taking a long hard look at how their products are marketed. The recent Batgirl cosplayer/DC ComicCon panel debacle is proof of that.

  9. That question of Batgirl: Year One was tossed at Bruce Timm during the Batman Year One SDCC panel and he seemed to have shot it down, at least not for the foreseeable future.

    Man, Wonder Woman must have really underperformed if that's the case. But hey, new animated series. Take what we can get.

    Also becoming more clear why they choose to de-oracle Babs.

  10. CHARLES GREEN says:

    I can,t say.
    Sara Underwood has new Bat Girl costume's and also asked who do I think will play the next Bat Girl.