Jewelry I’d Need Batman to Buy for Me

Some things exist just to taunt me. Like the Tauntaun sleeping bag for example. Its level of geek-envy plus its cost is equal parts tantalizing and agonizing. It’s unfortunate I find these types of items so often and am unable to buy them.* Well, thanks to Noir Jewelry, here we go again…

What’s that? A ring with a replica of Gotham City atop it? YES PLEASE! $225? Oh…nevermind then. I really want it but I’d be afraid of poking an eye out.

Up next I give you a single Catwoman Claw. Of course you’ll need ten of them to complete the look as they sit at your fingertips. But at $150 a pop, you’ll actually need to be a catburgler to afford them. Might as well pick up the matching earrings while you’re at it.

For you Wonder Woman fans out there, Noir Jewelry has a few items that might be up your alley. How about this gorgeous Wonder Woman ring? They have another ring as well, plus a logo necklace to complete the ensemble.

Speaking of necklaces, if you’re more of a Supergirl kind of person, they’ve got this extra large one for $500. I think you might have to be as strong as Supergirl to wear it though.

And finally, my absolute favorite, the Batgirl dome double finger ring. Yeah, that’s right, you wear it on TWO fingers. Like most of the jewelry, it’s solid brass plated in Gunmetal and has Cubic Zirconia stones covering the top. I would rock this like nobody’s business. Too bad I’m not the type of person who can afford to buy $300 rings. Or their corresponding cuff bracelets. Le sigh.

And you all wonder why Batman’s my dream man. If I were dating him he’d totally buy these for me. Seriously though, designer Leeora Catalan has put together and awesome lineup of DC jewelry. It’s nice to see something new, different and classier than most of the products out there today. One day, when I hit it big, I’ll buy these for myself.

*Please feel free to donate any items to me. ;)

9 Responses to “Jewelry I’d Need Batman to Buy for Me”

  1. Amber Love says:

    Aw man, my Christmas list just grew exponentially!

  2. Shawn L. says:

    Drop the cubic zirconium, and you got yourself a nice set of Bat-Brass-Knuckles.

  3. I've been storing a couple of Tauntaun sleeping bags for my nephews since early November. I don't know if I can hold out until Xmas without gutting one of 'em (the sleeping bags, not the nephews).

    Also, the Gotham ring is eye-gougariffic!

  4. ImjustDoug says:

    Sweet stuff. Heck I think I want the Gotham ring.

    But I DO have a question but how to do it in a non creepy way? I cannot donate the rings but noticed your interested in Florance and the Machine tickets for the 14th (happy birthday) Have 2 floor tickets I cannot use and would be happy to donate those to you. And yes I am serious.

    Would have mentioned this elsewhere but don't have a facebook or twitter account.

  5. @Chick, and I totally didn't plan to have those posts go up so close together either, haha!

    @The Lewd Ood, I adore your username and therefor will allow you to buy this stuff for me if you hit it big first. :)

  6. The Lewd Ood says:

    I don't quite get the two-finger ring trend, though I definitely would dig the Batman logo on a chick.

    Tell ya what, Nerdy Bird — if I hit it big before you I'll be your Sugar Nerd and buy you all the comic and nerd-related stuff every girl I've ever been with wouldn't appreciate.

  7. @rrachelll says:

    That stuff is so gorg, but wayyy too pricey for something I wouldn't wear all the time.

  8. I need to make more money!

  9. It's like we're watching a whole Bat/Bird courtship going on here. ;)