Lego Man-Bat

Yup. He’s in the game. And, he’s kinda adorable.

It was previously rumored but it’s now confirmed that Man-Bat will be a playable character in Lego Batman being released in September. Since Man-Bat is actually Doctor Kirk Langstrom transformed, it stands to reason normal Langstrom will be playable as well.

Here’s Man-Bat making the Mad Hatter very angry. Well, most likely it was Batman who made him angry but I’d like to think it was Man-Bat. Maybe he pooped in his favorite hat.

At this point it would probably be more productive to try and figure out which Batman characters AREN’T going to be in the game. The Lego series usually has over 80 which leaves a lot of room for even the lesser-knowns, though there will be multiple Batman’s, Robin’s and Nightwing’s for sure . We’ll probably wind up getting some non-Batman characters as un-lockables as well. Maybe Superman and Wonderwoman? (Crossing my fingers for Zatanna!)

9 Responses to “Lego Man-Bat”

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  2. Yeah I wonder if DC had an exclusive on the Lego thing. A Lego X-men would be great too. I’m hoping they’ll do Harry Potter once the movies are done. Lots of great characters in that to use.

  3. GeekBoy says:

    Yeah, Lego JLA seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Assuming this one does well, which we all know it will. The only thing I wonder is when Marvel Comics is going to get on this gravy train, and authorize a Spider-Man Lego game already.

  4. Not sure if they’d put them in Stephen, but maybe they’ll save them for Lego Justice League or something. Haha.

  5. Neither can I Kevin.

    I’ll just pretend your son wrote it Randy. :P

    Alfred and Gordon have already been confirmed as characters actually. Not sure what route they’ll take with girls though. I think it would be funny to have Blonde #1, Redhead #4, Brunette #2. You know, Bruce’s random flock of admirers. :)

  6. Stephen says:

    green lantern or lex luthor would be cool

  7. GeekBoy says:

    I wonder if any non-superpowered characters will be in there. Alfred? Commissioner Gordon? Vicki Vale? Hey, maybe they could even bring in Rachel Dawes from the movie, and give her her own combination: “Hit A A B B X to bore everybody to death.”

  8. Earth-2 Randy says:

    Awwwwwwww, that widdle Man-Bat is so cute!!!

    There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.

  9. kevkage says:

    I can’t get enough of these Lego games