Lucasfilm Really, Really Wants Us to Remember Hope

Lucasfilm literally dropped a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story TV spot today entitled “Hope.” Good timing, huh?

This week has been shit. Just plain shit. Every day I’ve woken up after the election I’ve just laid there wondering how I can possibly get up. So, you’re not alone in that in case you were wondering.

As badly as I wanted to stay in bed, I knew I had to get up not just to keep living but also because I needed to work. I didn’t want to write this week, I especially didn’t want to write about pop culture this week, but I did because it’s my job and I need to keep it. I could have let posts here lapse but I know a lot of folks need an escape and I didn’t want to let anyone down.

I saw The Hollywood Reporter tweet out a story earlier that said “#RogueOne writers subtly protest Trump with Rebellion #SafetyPin logo” and all I could think was, you call that “subtle?” Both Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta had been tweeting all afternoon…

They also released yet another international trailer that is slightly different (and less spoilery than) the one I posted about on HitFix yesterday that got me emotional. And I’m not the only one taking Rogue One as inspiration. My pal Brett White wrote a wonderful piece at CBR you should read. Whitta also mentioned it on Twitter.

Anyway, as I often say, be excellent to each other. Here’s that latest international trailer.

And one more spot for good measure because it’s Friday and why the hell not.

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