The Nerdy Bird Adores – Secret Six #2

The Secret Six have been some of my favorite characters in the last few years so I was overjoyed when I found out earlier this year they’d finally be getting their own on-going book. Of course the original line-up has been shuffled a bit since the start and Harley Quinn didn’t get to stick around but Gail Simone sure knows how to pick ’em. Two issues in and Bane (the A-list Batman villain she teased at NYCC08) is now part of the group, with the newly created sixth member, Jeanette, yet to be revealed in the book itself. 
Currently, Batman is annoyed (what’s new?) at the Six for their current mission to transport Tarantula and how it’s affecting Gotham. He’s definitely not shy about sharing his feelings with Catman either. And Catman is, well, just like my cat.

Sniff, sniff. Did Catman come to talk or discuss dinner recipes with Batman? You’d think the answer to that would be easy but not so much, he seems REALLY preoccupied with food. 

Geez Catman, if you were that hungry maybe YOU should have gone to Taco Whiz before you decided to track Batman on top of a rooftop in Gotham. But no, you didn’t, so instead you act like a Mr. Cranky Pants to the King of Cranky Pants and of course a fight results. Somewhere between the time when Catman was an overweight loser who wasn’t even worth killing by other villains and that really bloody run-in with some poachers we’ve seen in flashes, he’s somehow able to go toe-to-toe with Batman now. I’m sure we’ll be discovering lots of new things about him during the series but I have a hard time buying that one.
The food comments started feeling a little heavy-handed after a while but it was for a very good reason. That extraordinary line by Batman. Does it make the Dark Knight look a little silly? Sure, but a guys gotta eat. I’m just excited Batman loves burritos. And no, that’s not blood on his mouth. Ok, maybe it is, but I’m pretending it’s not.
Had Gail not included that stunning look into Batman’s eating habits this line from Bane earlier in the issue would have won my giggling contest. 
It’s hard to outdo Ragdoll (my absolute favorite team member) but Bane did with two words. “He vomits.” So simple, yet so eloquent. I sense many more enjoyable moments to come from this group. Let’s just hope Catman never gets arrested with an ounce of catnip on him because that, would be silly.

3 Responses to “The Nerdy Bird Adores – Secret Six #2”

  1. Randy says:

    Yeah, you can’t go wrong with a good line-up of villains. Cat-Man and Deadshot happen to be personal favorites of mine from way way back, so it’s been real nice to see them paired up together in these Villains United/Secret Six stuff.

    Scandal, Ragdoll and Bane are great too. I want to see what they do with this new character they’ll introduce.

  2. You’re welcome. Hail Gail indeed!

  3. Eric says:

    I’m way out of the loop lately concerning comics, so thanks for this bit. I also LOVED Villains United when it came out, one of the most memorable series I’ve read in awhile. I MUST pick up this one. Hail Gail!