The Dark Knight Rises Above Gotham

The very first, legit, The Dark Knight Rises poster has been released. I am in awe. Click the image to view the details. This is such a brilliant concept, bravo to whomever came up with it. Batman truly is...Read More »

July 12th, 2011

DoubleDCoverage #4

I’m back with another installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network! This week I had a theme without even realizing it – redheads. Green Arrow and Black Canary are in a terrible rut and their Fatal Attraction friend...Read More »

April 22nd, 2009

The Nerdy Bird Adores – Secret Six #2

The Secret Six have been some of my favorite characters in the last few years so I was overjoyed when I found out earlier this year they’d finally be getting their own on-going book. Of course the original line-up...Read More »

October 16th, 2008