New Arhkham City Mr. Freeze trailer is COOL

Ok, that title was a little cheesy but it’s totally true! Check out the new Batman: Arkham City trailer featuring Dr. Victor Friese, aka Mr. Freeze.

Considering the public’s main exposure to the chilly Batman villain was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s take in 1997’s Batman & Robin, I’m glad to see they’ll be getting a more serious view of him in the new video game. Actor Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, The Superhero Squad Show) will be voicing the role.

And Batman’s icy breath? That’s just hot.

One Response to “New Arhkham City Mr. Freeze trailer is COOL”

  1. Maurice LaMarche? The Brain?! Awesome! I like the voice he's using and the way it's modulated while in the suit. Very cool.