It’s Slimin’ Time! New Ghosbusters Trailer Offers Amazing Visuals, Almost No Men

Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones are ready to take over the franchise in the very first trailer for Ghostbusters.

Overall I think it’s a good trailer, it introduces the characters well and set up their main problem to tackle. It’s amazing to me to see this trailer populated only with women except for one very brief shot of Chris Hemsworth’s character. And he doesn’t even get a line!! Does that seem weird to you, Hollywood? Think about it.

But not having heard too many details about the characters up until now I have to say I’m disappointed they let Jones’ character be the outsider of the group, the one with no science background, the sassy New Yorker. While the original Ghostbusters didn’t bring in Ernie Hudson’s Winston in right away, he did actually have a Ph.D (thought it was left out of the final script). It would have been nice to see all the women on an even playing field or at the very least, not have the only WOC in the main cast be the one without a science degree. Here’s hoping they pull some sort of switcheroo on us and she’s actually undercover for the FBI or something. [Edit: Small update, the Sony Pictures Canada Twitter account has called Jones’ Patty a “Municipal Historian.”]

That said, I’m looking forward to seeing how others react to the trailer (hahahahahahaha) and this is my new Patronus.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.38.41 AM

30 Responses to “It’s Slimin’ Time! New Ghosbusters Trailer Offers Amazing Visuals, Almost No Men”


  2. philnolan3d says:

    lol “municipal historian”

  3. PowerSerg says:

    I know like everyone excited right now but I mean this trailer doesn’t really deliver much comedy. Black Side Kick stuff is heavy here and I can tell you the whole movie just from this trailer. If this was something that people hadn’t needed to defend from ass holes I think the trailer reaction would be totally different here.

  4. Dzzy says:

    I am so ready for this movie. The only thing that could make it better is drinking the tears of the misogynist-douches while I watch the movie.

  5. VindicaSean says:

    Spinoff movie for Holtzmann. I wants it.

  6. Captain Z says:

    It seems to have a different kind of humor than the original. That’s a good thing. I’m cautiously optimistic, and the caution comes exclusively from the “remake” factor and nothing else.

    Also, trailers hardly ever show an accurate picture of movies. I think it’ll be just fine, and I’m happy for the casting. Couldn’t be better.

    Besides, now I can have a Leslie Jones LEGO mini figure. :)

  7. Andy Sirkin says:

    Regarding Leslie Jones as “black sidekick” – she’s got the title of “Municipal Historian” so when she says she “knows the city” she’s not saying she’s street smart, she’s saying she has access to secret tunnels and cool old maps.

    • I will say that the trailer (which is edited by different people than the actual movie will be) does not make that clear and that’s disappointing, but yeah I’m hoping that they play up the idea that she IS an academic and that the title of municipal historian isn’t some cute way to say “she’s street smart”

    • PowerSerg says:

      Regardless she is in the scenes she is here, playing a pretty tropey role, Could be better.

  8. *quiet grumbling*

  9. Rick Bman says:

    Have I mentioned my crush on Kate McKinnon’s character in this movie? Because she is looking awesome in this trailer.

    “Is the hat too much?”

  10. Fritobandito says:

    What if the whole Reboot thing was a misdirect and it really IS connected to the originals?

  11. I’m honestly stoked. Can’t stop grinning. Four amazingly funny actors and Paul Feig’s record of having me in stitches? I’m in. In, in, in.

  12. Holly says:

    I’m excited! It’s heart breaking to see so much hate and negativity though. No one has even watched the film and it’s apparently awful. Come on now.

  13. Marie says:

    So I was feeling surprised about the level of hate that it’s getting, and then I realized that I shouldn’t be surprised, and that made me sad, that this is what we should expect.

    I think it looks fun! Maybe a little too much callback to the original, but that could be the editing of the trailer. Still looking forward to watching it :)

  14. Andy Sirkin says:

    It’s LITERALLY a reversal of the male gaze in film, and that’s amazing.

    • The only real complaint that I have is that Leslie Jones has been relegated to Sassy Black Sidekick status (much like Ernie Hudson before her.)

      • Marie says:

        Yes, I was disappointed by that as well. She does seem like she has a bigger part though, so I hope there’s at least that.

      • Rick Bman says:

        It also kind of bothers me that the character description we got for her previously had her listed and a Municipal Historian, but the trailer shows her working as a subway attendant. I mean, I guess she could be both, but I was hoping Municipal Historian would be her actual job.

        • I’m still holding out hope that a driving plot point will be these women very good at their academic/STEM jobs being pushed out of their career paths by the system and so they decide to use their skills to hunt ghosts … so hence Patty’s working for the MTA because she’s struggling to get a good job as a historian despite her skills.

          • Rick Bman says:

            That would be a good angle and I really hope they go that direction. I mean, other than that one problem, the trailer looks to be pretty good.

        • philnolan3d says:

          I assumed municipal historian was a tongue in cheek reference to her knowing the streets because she works on them.

      • Aeryl says:

        Ernie Hudson’s character did not have a passion for the work, as Patti is shown to.

        Winston did not have ANY scenes without the rest of the cast, as Patti has been shown to.

        Winston did not have his own arc, as I suspect Patti will(as evidenced by the fact that she involved with the ghosts PRIOR to meeting the team, as shown in the trailer).

    • philnolan3d says:

      The original’s trailer had woman in it.