A New Ghostbusters Trailer and the Cast’s Pitch on Why You Should Pursue Science

While I love the GIFs we’re getting of the new Ghostbusters in action, I am ready for the movie now. Thank you, Paul Feig.


Sony has teamed with Google to help promote the next Google Science Fair, for obvious reasons. Here’s the cast with their pitch to budding scientists.

12 Responses to “A New Ghostbusters Trailer and the Cast’s Pitch on Why You Should Pursue Science”

  1. […] we’ve gotten a lot of Ghostbusters trailers. I’m ready for the movie now. Only I know at least one part of the film I’ll be closing […]

  2. Krystal C. says:

    Omg ♥
    I can’t wait for this to come out!

  3. Captain Z says:

    Looks fun to me :)

  4. Nicole says:

    My problem with this, is I’m really not into over the top CGI. It tends to take me out of the story (I had the same problem with Ultron). That being said, the first trailer made me think the storytelling would be bad. I just wanted to scream at my monitor “Show, don’t tell!” This trailer doesn’t give off that vibe as much, so it’s making me more optimistic.

  5. Pontifex says:

    Well, I wonder how hell’s s***hole the comment section on YouTube is going to respond to this one.
    It is certainly more complete. And the others did nothing t diminish my desire to see this.

  6. Love the new trailer. I cannot abide the faux GB fans who have hated on this movie since it was announced. They’re nothing but posers, haters and malcontents.

  7. the silver ravens says:

    How spoiler filled is it? I tend to avoid trailers now a days since then tend to just show everything.

  8. Social Justice Kamen Rider says: