New Heroes Cast Members

The next season of NBC’s Heroes is still a ways off but two new actors have been cast in recurring roles. One is a college student, the other, a villain – guess which is which.

Ok, so that wasn’t very hard. “The undestructable[sic] high school cheerleader will soon be hitting the books on a college campus where she will cross paths with a quirky student played by Madeline Zima,” says The Hollywood Reporter. Nowadays Zima is known best for her role opposite David Duchovny on Showtime’s Californication, but it wasn’t that long ago she was known as Grace Sheffield from The Nanny. Scary, I know. “In a multi-episode arc she will play Gretchen, an edgy outsider and college roommate to Claire,” says THR.

The new “lead villain” stirring things up for our favorite (or not-so-favorite) heroes is Robert Knepper, formerly of Fox’s Prison Break, where he also played a villain. Named T-Bag. Seriously? They got away with that on network TV? Anyway, Knepper will be in at least six episodes as, “Samuel, a Jim Jones type — charismatic but evil, with a twisted sense of humor — who will veer into the lives of all heroes. The character had been referred to as ‘Carnival Barker’ in the series breakdown released last month,” says THR.
Will Zima turn out to be just another throw-away friend of Claire’s or will she make a deeper impression? Have you noticed, super powered or not, Claire can’t seem to keep any friends? Of course, that doesn’t surprise me, it’s just an observation. 
Knepper on the other hand, marks yet another Star Trek actor to make an appearance on the show – he’s been on both The Next Generation and Voyager. I previously thought that would make him number six after George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Dorn and Clint Howard but turns out there’s been a slew more.

8 Responses to “New Heroes Cast Members”

  1. Eleni says:

    Knepper made a great villain on Prison Break. Let's hope they give him some good material on Heroes. Come to think of it, let's hope they give everyone some good material this season.

  2. Mark, I know! She was so tiny back then!

  3. WITA says:

    Oh my God, I love Knepper! T-Bag was the shit! :D I've never seen a more messed up, crazy, complex, hilarious, and overall interesting character on TV. Seriously! Such great stuff! You have no idea what you missed, Jill. :)

  4. Zima is great in Californication. Should be very interesting!

  5. Psychotronic says:

    Madeline Zima, eh? If her Heroes role is anything like her character in Californication, this should be VERY interesting.

  6. Holy Crap I am so old! THAT'S the kid from the Nanny?!

  7. Amber Love says:

    That man just looks creepy! Can he play anything besides a villain? Doubt it. He's like a much better looking Willem Defoe.

  8. freakgirl says:

    OMG, T-Bag! He was so creepy and scary on Prison Break. Yikes.