No. No. No. No. No.

If Beyoncé is Wonder Woman, I am Lobo.

Woke up to yet another RUMOR today about Beyoncé playing Wonder Woman. You know, in that yet to be announced, written or casted film from Warner Bros. The source of this “news” claims they got the information from a press conference with the singer/actress. A press conference, amazingly, no one else attended seeing as how this site is the only one reporting on it. How lucky they must be to have gotten the only invitation.

I say “this site” because they don’t deserve to be linked to. It’s an obvious attempt to get hits for their website. Without any quotes or other information to back up their claims they fall into the same category as the British tabloid The Sun. At least they take the time to make up mysterious sources. However, the site also claims the new film is being written by Stuart Beattie and David Elliot of G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra fame (if you can call it fame) and is being directed by John Moore who worked on Max Payne. Way to choose a creative team.

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  1. d0nnatr0y says:

    "On a side note: I just checked the article again and it's been "updated" as a hoax. Seems the site owners are throwing their hands up."

    Thank God! For a moment there I was really scared!

  2. "On a side note: I just checked the article again and it's been "updated" as a hoax. Seems the site owners are throwing their hands up."

    Thank God! For a moment there I was really scared!

  3. Yeah Crystal, that was the original rumor from earlier in the year and most definitely played a part in this new and, not improved, completely made up rumor.

  4. Crystal says:

    I actually remember the article this rumor started in! While I don't have the link, I recall it was an interview from an entertainment magazine about her new album/identity Sasha Fierce. She said she'd love to play Wonder Woman, if they ever make the movie, as it would "be very empowering for a black woman to be a superhero" or something along those lines. Some fanboys love to make mountains out of molehills don't they?

  5. Randy says:

    I thought Lois Griffin made for a great Wonder Woman in the intro for Family Guy this past weekend. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    they could always make a movie about storm, she aint bad i guess. throw in her early days and mt kilimanjaro. but even then i dont know if id actually go to a theatre to see it, lol.theres so many obscure heroes they never bother with either, like dr. strange or moonknight. instead we all have to sit through excessive installments of x-men, fantastic four, or maybe even spidey again, who knows. i liked that old captain america movie. cant find it, or its name though.

  7. On a side note: I just checked the article again and it's been "updated" as a hoax. Seems the site owners are throwing their hands up.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly Mandy.

    Heretic, Lucy Lawless is the only known actress out there right now that I ever would have liked to see in the Wonder Woman costume. She could totally play Hippolyta though!

    Mad Hatter, this is an entirely different, second rumor about Beyonce actually. It was a comic site that "reported" it. You can probably find it if you google news it. Unfortunately several other sites have picked it up and are linking back to the "source." Batman rumors can't even be trusted right now. Christopher Nolan is the one to watch for that and he's said he's not ready yet.

    Oh niklsidoo, you've got it in the bag. :)

    Kirk, you're right. He already waxes his chest….what's a little more? :)

  9. Kirk Warren says:

    Ryan Reynolds should play Wonder Woman. He's playing everyone else. With the right make up team and some CGI, I'm sure he can pull it off.

  10. nilskidoo says:

    I'm still up for playing G'nort!

  11. Where did you come across this rumour? I only ask because I heard the same story about a year ago and would have thought you'd have heard it by now.

    Right now though, don't listen to any DC movie stories that aren't about Green Lantern (and possibly Batman). With DC Entertainment re-organizing itself, they're actually in the process of recalling every project that was in development.

    Thus any project that was making the rounds in Hollywood with any particular actors/writers/directors attached will be sent back to the drawing board…with the hopes that DC can finally lay claim to some good movies and catch up to Marvel.

    Guess what I'm trying to say is…rest easy :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    nothing about that pic says, 'Wonder Woman'.

    I'm betting it's all rumours given how long and hard it's been to come up with an idea for a live action WW so far.

    Though new DCE Exec Diane might be trying to push one through.

  13. Why does everyone suggest Angelina Jolie to play every female superhero? Catwoman, Wonder Woman & Barbarella? Enough already. That old saying: "familiarity breeds contempt" is completely apropro in this regard. Angelina is not the end-all/be-all of female action heroes. Neither is Megan Fox.

  14. Nando says:

    B as WW? Hells no. It's like having a Foxy Brown remake starring Megan Fox. Lame.

    If Lucy Lawless was 10 years younger, she would totally pull off Diana as Wonder Woman…and she'd still be doing Xena. LOL!!

    Wonder Woman should be played by someone who looks similar to and is as tall as Lucy Lawless.

  15. Heretic says:

    I know this is very cliche, but honestly believe Lucy Lawless ould make an outstanding Wonder Woman. That, or angelina Jolie.

    But, the one who they eventually cast will probably be somone we dont expect.

  16. Kanye thinks that Beyonce would make one of the greatest Wonder Women of all time! Of all time!

  17. Booster Gold says:

    If you liked it then you should have put a lasso of truth around it…

  18. Beyonce does not do it for me. I think they could find someone a bit more–you know—attractive.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I saw "G.I. Joe," so no, not fame.

    Notoriety or infamy, I should think.

  20. David says:

    Boy those are some stubby hams for legs. Yeesh.

  21. *shakes head*

    When the real Wonder Woman is cast—if she is ever cast—I will probably not believe it until I see a final movie. It's become one of those things.