NY COMIC CON Day 3 – Wrap up!

Catwoman, Oracle, Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn
Art by Adam Hughes

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to move by the time Sunday rolled around so I wasn’t planning on attending the third and final day of the NY Comic Con. One day in plain clothes, one in costume and a night of drinking really does take it’s toll. But I figured, I’m here, why the hell not take another look around? Maybe it will be less crowded. Which it was, to a degree but still not easy for someone in a scooter to get around.

I had no intention of getting up early though and I didn’t bother going to any panels. I think my brain had actually stopped functioning by Sunday afternoon so it would have been rude of me to do so anyway. I took a few more turns around the show floor. My friend was working one of the booths that day and I caught up with her finally. She told me she sold an amazing amount of Chewbacca back-packs. (Scary looking if you ask me) Which, oddly enough, I saw a girl wearing to the Star Trek convention I went to last month. 
My friend asked me to do some shopping for her since she couldn’t really leave her booth. I found something she’d like right away, that I had apparently missed every other time I’d been on the floor. I got a Voo Doo Baby for her. They gave out nifty sheets with all the different characters on it so I brought it back for her to pick one out. By the way, if anyone would like me to be their buyer next year at the comic con I’m totally in. Buying stuff with other peoples money is fun. She got the Ninja and I got myself the Hell Kitty because, well, it’s a kitty. Though if I were them I’d think about changing my url.
The last thing I wanted to do was check out Artist’s Alley. I was so glad it was on the same floor as the show this time around. I can imagine the artist’s felt very isolated last year. There’s not too many artists I would actually seek out. I feel like just telling them you love their work is lame. I’d rather have something interesting to talk about. Adam Hughes, who drew the amazingly beautiful promotional poster art you see above wasn’t in attendance. The posters they gave out said above the drawing, “The Real Power of the DC Universe.” I only wished it wasn’t folded because I want it framed and up on my wall now. I’ve settled using it as my computer background. By the way, on the actual poster Poison Ivy’s skin is green.
I decided to go see if Cliff Chiang was at his table. He was! Hooray! I really wanted to ask him to sketch me something but I was withering by the second and I don’t think I could have lasted that long. However he did have lithographs of his Doctor 13 work so I bought one and he signed it and we chatted a bit. Apparently there may be something in the works for those characters again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I gave him a card with my blog information on it and he got a kick out of the “Has Boobs, Reads Comics” bit. Overall, real nice guy.

Infectious Lass, Anthro, Captain Fear (Fero), Dr Thirteen, Traci Thirteen, I…Vampire, Haunted Tank, Genius Jones, Count Julius
Art by Cliff Chiang

Somehow on Saturday I missed the fact that there were costume contests. I didn’t see any advertisement for them in any of the program guides I had. I heard the area for it was tucked away in the back somewhere. Oh and apparently I missed a screening of the new Dark Knight trailer too. I’m sure it will be online soon, if it isn’t already, but it would have been nice to have seen it there. I always miss out on the fun. 
So that was in for the 3rd annual NY Comic Con. It keeps on improving with each year. Something like 64,000 people went the entire weekend. That’s just insane. Though I am bummed to hear that the con is back to being in February next year. I don’t know if that’s the only date that was open or what? For one, I think they need to standardize the date so people associate a certain time of year with the NYCC. But please, let’s not make it February forever. New York is FREEZING in February! Not so nice for the costumed folk.
Just a few Thank You’s:
– Ron Hogan at Galleycat.com did a short interview and was nice enough to put my picture up on his site too.
– Andy Khouri from Comic Book Resources took a picture of me for his girlfriend who loves Zatanna. Hope she liked it! Now, you guys wanna give me a job? :)
– To all the panelists who entertained me, you know who you are.
– Everyone at DC Comics for being so down-to-earth.
– Anyone who stopped and chatted with me and took pictures. If you’ve got one, send it along.
– Of course everyone who works for the NYCC and Reed Exhibitions.
See you next year! In pants.

4 Responses to “NY COMIC CON Day 3 – Wrap up!”

  1. Hi Chris, I’m assuming Lois isn’t included because she isn’t a superhero or supervillain.

  2. chrishaley says:

    My question (and if this has been covered elsewhere, feel free to let me know) is why isn’t Lois in this picture? I assumed that what I find out is Batwoman was Lois.. but it’s Batwoman.

  3. Nerdy Bird says:

    Thanks a lot Luke. That’s a shame Cliff wasn’t around when you tried to see him.

    And thanks, I hope I stick around too. :)

  4. Luke says:

    Your Zatanna costume was spot on. Glad to see someone actually got to talk to Cliff Chiang. Every time I had time to stroll by his table, there was no one there. Thanks for stopping by, hope you stick around.