Official: Jessica Jones Season 2 Coming to Netflix


Were we worried? Nah. The Netflix Television Critics Association panel has announced Jessica Jones Season 2.

Ok, maybe we were a tiny bit worried. After all, Marvel’s first Netflix series, Daredevil, was renewed for a second season while some were still making their way through Season 1. Jessica Jones debuted last November and even though it was hit with a massive amount of critical acclaim thanks to its refreshing take on women and serious issues, we were left hanging.

In addition, Netflix is known for not publicizing their ratings so no one knew if the series did well for them. Oddly enough just recently NBC decided to do some digging and used a Nielsen-like app to try and reveal those ratings. Their findings are questionable but they claim Jessica Jones had 4.8 million viewers over 35 days.

But now it’s official, Krysten Ritter will return as Jessica in her own series.


Entertainment Weekly wrote, “We can also tell you the second season will be another 13 episodes, and that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is back on board. But there was premiere date yet announced.”

Just before Jessica Jones Season 1 premiered Rosenberg talked about what a Season 2 could mean.

I would hope to further expand on the ensemble, and on Jessica’s world. She ends in a very different place than she started off. She’s still going to be Jessica Jones — that is not going to change. She will continue to drink and make mistakes, and accidentally drop people onto train tracks, but something has changed for her by the end of this season, and I’d just love to explore that in the second season.

According to The Wrap, Netflix also announced “premiere dates for 10 new and returning series — including Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which will debutApril 15 and Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black, which will debut June 17.”

Are you excited for more Jessica Jones?

Yes, that phone number is real. [UPDATE: Listen to the voicemail here.]