Listen to Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigations Voicemail Message

I was glad to hear Netflix renewed Marvel’s Jessica Jones for Season 2 but got even more excited when I realized they set up a real phone number for Alias Investigations. Listen to the voicemail message now!

Earlier today, the official Twitter account sent out an image to announce Season 2. It included the note “How can I help?” along with a phone number: 212-256-1084. And sure enough, it works. Since I don’t know if everyone can access it or how long it will remain up, I’ve uploaded it to YouTube so everyone can hear.

The message has Krysten Ritter saying, “Alias Investigations. We’ve got cases and shit so leave a message.” Which is then followed by automated prompts. The one thing I haven’t tried yet is actually leaving a message. How rad would it be if Jessica called you back?


Actually, that might be kind of scary now that I think of it…

5 Responses to “Listen to Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigations Voicemail Message”

  1. Aeryl says:

    I kinda want to leave one as Squirrel Girl wanting to know when my babysitting gig will start.

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    While the message is very Jessica Jones, I feel it would have been more accurate to have Malcolm make the message.

    • Random Bystander says:

      This seems like the result of Malcolm finally convincing her to do it herself.

  3. They Call Me The Fizz says:

    Really tempted to leave some messages as civilians from the Marvel Universe (e.g. The Pet Store Owner from Superior Foes)