Orchard Street Wolf Pack

Venture Bros. Season 4. October 18th. Holy crap that’s almost here!

Season 4.1 to be exact seeing as how it’s going to be split in half. But indeed, come Sunday the 18th at midnight “which is technically the morning of the 19th, I know, but whatever,” said Jackson Publick, new Venture antics will ensue.

If you haven’t already watched the trailer for the new season, what are you waiting for?! Here it is with lots of spoilery-type stuff:

So…many…references! I can’t even keep up with them all. If you’re a geek and you aren’t watching this show you are missing out on so much. This seriously looks like it’s going to be an amazing season though. Hank is pseudo-grownup, Dean loves Hitler, and LARP! Obviously though the trailer was severely lacking in two very important things: Brock and Monarch/Mrs. Monarch.

Poor Publick and Doc Hammer though. Whenever I hear those two talk I feel as if they eat, live and breath Venture Bros. “We’re currently editing that self-same premiere episode, while writing the fifth episode of season 4.2, while designing the fourth episode of season 4.2, storyboarding the second and third episodes, and directing the first,” said Publick. He also revealed that the new Professor Impossible this season, previously voiced by Stephen Colbert and Publick himself, will be played by Bill Hader. They’ve got a pretty sweet cast lined up this season, don’t forget about Kevin Conroy (swoon).

Oh and one last thing. Henchman 21 looks badASS!

4 Responses to “Orchard Street Wolf Pack”

  1. anigswes says:

    Hurray! This split season should be interesting- can't wait!

  2. Randy says:


  3. JOHNNY ZITO says:

    I dig that the show is evolving.

  4. Booster Gold says:

    Sadly, if you need Brock to enjoy the show, you're going to be a little bummed for most of it. But man, i can't wait for it.