Paul Feig Reveals the First Ghostbusters Action Figures Amidst #WheresRey Campaign


By adding the hashtag #TheresGhostbusters there’s no doubt director Paul Feig was hoping to make a statement about his Ghostbusters stars getting their own action figures.

The #WheresRey campaign, focusing on the lead character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been getting a lot of press the last few weeks. I was even interviewed by CNN over the latest developments and how we market toys.

While I’ve shown there are indeed lots and lots of Rey toys out there, Ghostbusters director Feig wants to make no mistakes – the stars of his film will get their time in plastic. He tweeted an image of the Mattel prototypes for Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon’s characters:

Jones also tweeted, “I guess I can play with myself now. Get your mind out the gutter people!!”

To be sure, it’s a cool thing to see especially when you consider they’re not all cut from the same mold.  As these are just prototypes though, I’m sure the final product will be even more impressive.

Toys aside, Ghostbusters has been the target of a lot of sexist behavior already by those against an all-female cast. Let’s make sure we buy these up and let the toy companies know NOW that we want tons more. Shall we start #GiveMeMoreGhostbusters?