Perchance to Dean

Jackson Publick has once again updated his Livejournal with some fun Venture Bros. news.

“How’s the soup?”
Publick says this is the first time they aren’t making any huge stylistic changes but “we took a new approach to the inking style of the characters, who are looking more satisfactorily (and consistently) comic book-y than ever now, to my delight,” he wrote. According to teases on Adult Swim, season 4 is set to start in November. “So far we’ve received four ‘first take’ rough cuts back from Korea, and a new one arrives every two weeks. They’re looking really good so far,” writes Publick, “The quality on the whole is very high–higher even than last season which, for my money (or adultswim’s to be exact) is pretty damn good.”
Currently Publick and Doc Hammer are in the midst of editing the first few episodes of the season, at least one of which features the voice talent of the best Batman ever, Kevin Conroy. They are also busy writing the episodes for the second half of the season so they don’t fall behind. “We even finally caved in to Hollywood style writer’s room protocol and purchased a giant Dry-Erase ‘Big Board’ for the Astrobase, upon which we work out our ideas and storylines for many episodes to come. It’s already paid for itself in Post-Its savings alone,” wrote Publick. It seems things are coming along nicely.

I don’t know what this is but it’s f-ing sweet!
He also listed a few working titles for the upcoming season, “Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel,” “The Revenge Society,” and “Perchance to Dean” just to name a few. “And yes… I’ve been wanting to use that last one for years,” he wrote. The fellas will be attending San Diego Comic Con and he says the Season 3 DVD’s have been selling even better than 1 or 2. Don’t forget, the Venture Bros. soundtrack by JG Thirlwell (or should I say, “The Venture Bros.: The Music of JG Thirlwell”) is finally for sale. It originally came with the Blu-Ray version of Season 3 but it’s also available on their site, iTunes and a bunch of other places.
A bonus metaphorical cookie goes to the first person to correctly identify my reference quote under the first picture. And no using the internet to figure it out!

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  1. Randy says:

    Well, had I still been gainfully employed, I would have been the winner. As it is, I have been sleeping in a tad later than before.

    Give me a heads up the next time you're giving out cookies. :)

  2. You're welcome everyone! And yes Artist! You've got it! I totally thought you were gonna win Randy. :)

  3. Eric N B says:

    I love the Venture Bros.!

  4. Randy says:

    Darn! Had I only been awake two hours earlier!! I knew the answer also.

  5. This is great news!

  6. Artist says:

    Great update, thanks! Venture Bros. is a fantastic show.

    Oh and the "How's the soup?" line is from Batman (1989) Bruce Wayne to Vicki Vale. Thanks for the cookie!