Pin-ups, Posters and Comics, Oh My!

A few items of the visual variety for you to enjoy…

Fables cover artist (and one of my personal favorites) James Jean drew this Vargas-style pin-up of Sally Jupiter for use in Watchmen. He posted it on his blog this past weekend with the original sketches and a brief explanation. According to Jean, at 1:32 in the trailer you see his art hanging on a wall and it’s supposed to play a role in that particular scene. I’m very much in love with this.

Speaking of upcoming movies I can’t wait to see, brand new Star Trek posters have been released. Below are the wallpaper size images from the official site so they don’t match up exactly but when they do they form the Starfleet insignia. Rumor is the posters will be given away at the San Diego Comic Con this week. Too bad I won’t be there to get one. Not like I need more posters anyway, I just think they came up with a really neat idea. If you’re extremely dedicated and want all of them you better bring a few disguises (or friends) with you, it’s going to be one section per person only. How fantastic does Zachary Quinto look as Spock?

Lastly, a bit of cuteness from Justice Society of America #17. The whole issue was warm and fuzzy, in a menacing kind of way, but they really got me with this panel. Jakeem made a costume for Cyclone’s monkey because she loves The Wizard of Oz. She saw it as a nice gesture but tried to take it off afterwards because she thought it was cruel. Too bad, the monkey loves it and wouldn’t let her. She ran down the hall to catch him when she literally ran into Damage who left her almost speechless by his newly rediscovered hotness. I make this face often.

7 Responses to “Pin-ups, Posters and Comics, Oh My!”

  1. Yeah Eric, it really does look like they’ve stuck really close to the comic on this one which makes me very happy too. And JSA has been such a warm and fuzzy book lately, even if bad things are happening. With so many people on the team, older and younger, it feels a lot like a family.

  2. Eric says:

    Any news pertaining to Watchmen has me drooling. The trailer for the movie was great. The movie looks like it may be panel for panel from the Graphic Novel. I can’t wait to see it! That bit with Damage and Red Tornado was “cute”–JSA has been my absolute one and only MUST HAVE comic book for the last few years.

  3. Elyse says:

    Then again I was all about learning what happened earlier in Star Wars. I love history, even if it’s fake history I guess. :)

    I don’t know anything about Watchmen except I saw the trailer and I need to see it.

  4. I tend to agree with you Randy. I think I made the point once here that I’d rather see new cool technology and aliens rather than stuff that’s already been done. But, that being said, this is what we’ve got to work with and I’m a Trekkie so I look forward to it.

    I need to reread Watchmen as well but seeing as how it’s not coming out until next year, I’m in no rush.

  5. I think the white background doesn’t look good. Maybe if it was black with silver type would be more in the keeping of the space theme.

    I’m liking Carla Gugino more and more as she does these pro-comic ventures. Loved her in Sin City.

  6. Earth-2 Randy says:

    Star Trek? Ehhhhh, think I’m gonna skip this one. I believe in going forward, not back. For the Star Trek franchise, at least. Same thing with Star Wars, for that matter. I want to see what happens NEXT. Not many years previous.

    That Watchmen illo, on the other hand, only increases my excitement for this movie. I keep saying to myself that I need to reread it. However, I managed to reread Kingdom Come, JLA/Avengers and Geoff Johns’ entire run on the Flash instead.

    Maybe the fourth time will be the charm, eh??

  7. Elyse says:

    I cannot wait for Star Trek. It’s super exciting!