Resident Eeeeeeevil

Killing zombies is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

The Girls Entertainment Network is celebrating the release of Resident Evil 5 with a weeks worth of outstanding original features including retro game reviews, zombie survival guides and RE cosplay. That’s where you come in. 

My contribution to the festivities is, “So You Want to Be a Zombie Fighter?” I’ve showcased some amazing RE costumes from around the internet, including my own (above) which is not so amazing compared to the rest. Regardless, I need as many comments as I can on my article! If you’re not already a member of GEN take a minute to sign up and leave one. Not only does it help me possibly win a copy of RE5 but it puts you in the running to win one too! Don’t wait, do it RIGHT NOW!!
Even if you don’t like, play or even own a gaming system for Resident Evil, leave me a comment because you love me soooooo much! And make sure you check back throughout the week for more RE features from the amazing ladies (and gents) of GEN!

6 Responses to “Resident Eeeeeeevil”

  1. Haha, sorry to burst your bubble Jack but it’s been that way for a while now. I mean, no! Of COURSE I did it just because you said so! :)

    Dropkick were great…from what I can remember…

  2. Jack Hunter says:

    Hey Jill, I saw that pic and I thought: damn, I had no idea I had that much By the way, how were Dropkick Murphy’s? That’s some real punk right there.

  3. Chovengo says:

    Hey , u look really hot ^_^ , love your page ;D

  4. Funny you should mention that Jack. Check out my latest post to see what my hair currently looks like.

  5. Jack Hunter says:

    Y’know, I’m fairly certain that you would look really cute with Jill’s actual haircut.

  6. Rodney says:

    Girl gamers is hot.

    Girl gamers who cosplay… geekgasm!