She’s sassy!

I had been wondering whether or not Poison Ivy was going to make an appearance in the Lego Batman game coming out in September. I assumed she had was going to be included, especially with the number of characters usually involved in the Lego games, but now I’ve got proof. And she’s very redhead.

There’s also a look at Bruce Wayne, who gets to beat people in the face with his briefcase. Genius.

11 Responses to “She’s sassy!”

  1. Alex says:

    I didn’t know about the freeplay! I’ve been meaning to buy the Lego Star Wars games (they’re like 10 bucks at gamestop now) to get a feel for the series before i buy this one.I need to get myself a next gen console a.s.a.p.

  2. Melissa, the twirl is so fantastic. And it is totally your boyfriends duty to let you use his system!

    Jon, I complete agree! I’m happy to cough up my money for such cuteness though. And yeah I heard about that series, there’s going to be a video game for it as well:

    And it’s totally a conundrum. To write about comics and video games you need to read and play them but to do that takes time away from writing! Sheesh!

  3. Jon says:

    We are all suckers for cute versions of our favorite heroes. Sukers I tell you!

    Did you hear that they are making a cartoon based on the really cute Marvel Super Hero Squad figures? Is this all happening since we are getting old enough to have kids and want to pass on our nerdiness without scarring our them for life by handing over something like “The Killing Joke” and hoping for the best?

    I also love that whoever made that Batman Lego trailer used the original soundtrack theme. Brilliant.

    I just might have to buy this one…but I think we all have the same problem…

    More comics + more video games = less posting on our blogs.

  4. So exciting!! I was wondering the same thing too. I’m already so in love with harley quinn and the way she twirls (well I guess you could twirl in all the lego games) but nonetheless, VERY excited!!!

    Considering that it’s about to come out soon and I still have yet to own my own ps3, mooching off my boyfriend’s will most definitely occur. Can’t wait!

  5. Haven’t heard anything about Bat-Mite but Man-Bat might be involved.

  6. will there be a Bat-Mite?

  7. Geekboy, you need to do what we did in the old days…make friends with a kid who HAS an xbox 360! :P

  8. Alex, it’s usually a two-character game and once you unlock characters you’re able to play whoever you want. And you can switch off between characters during a board. So technically once you’re in freeplay mode you could be playing with the Penguin and the Penguin as your characters. Remember this is a Lego game we’re talking about, it’s not nearly serious enough that you’d be worried about the same character being on the board at the same time.

    That being said, there’s usually very similar characters as well so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were others walking around with briefcases as their weapon as well, like Harvey.

    Randy, Clayface is listed as one of the characters for the game but how they’ll use his power I’m not sure.

  9. GeekBoy says:

    Looks awesome! Of course, I still haven’t bought Lego Indy yet. Because caveman that I am, I haven’t evolved beyond my old Xbox(non-360). Someday …

  10. Earth-2 Randy says:

    Or it’s Clayface II, using his morphing talents to turn into Bruce Wayne.

    Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?


  11. Alex says:

    Wait, how can that be Bruce beating people with a brief case when batman is clearly running right along side him? It might be Harvey before his transformation to Two Face.