Showtime Releases New Twin Peaks Production Video to Torture Us

You may recall last year I watched David Lynch’s Twin Peaks for the first time (and wrote all about it). Safe to say I’m now a big fan and am very excited to see where the story picks up on Showtime.

We’ve gotten the smallest of teases about this project but here’s a new look at the behind-the-scenes happenings and a few of the returning actors (and some of the new, giant cast).

Right now, all I want is for them to release a scene. Just one scene. No actual trailer, just one scene that gives us a sampling of the classic humor and horror of the series. I can live off that until next year.

One Response to “Showtime Releases New Twin Peaks Production Video to Torture Us”

  1. lev36 says:

    I really enjoyed Twin Peaks, until Lynch ended it leaving as many threads hanging as he possibly could. Then I decided I was through with him as a storyteller, and have not watched a single thing of his since.