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Let’s move on over from that mega-SDCC thread, shall we?

I decided to go with a Harry Potter picture on this one since Cursed Child has just been released. I started it last night (after I attended a midnight release, which I’ll have more on later) and would like to try and keep spoilers to one comment thread here if possible so as to limit the chance of spoiling anyone accidentally (myself included). I’ll start that thread and you can reply to that comment if you want to talk spoilers. Thanks for your cooperation!

Otherwise, feel free to chat as usual!

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  1. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    It occurs to me that orphans are one of the few demographics that actually get MORE representation in comic books than any other form of media.

  2. Evelyn Starshine says:

    Hi, could people please look at this petition?

    It’s asking Disney to put some of the profit it makes off Moana (a pasfika story) back in pasifika communities.
    “We wrote this letter to ask that you invest in our communities
    through our children in providing a fund to support the education of
    children of Pacific descent. This fund will be used for scholarships
    that will grow the capacity and capability of Pacific peoples.”

  3. I wrote an article about how Parks and Rec could be used as a model for Superman stories. http://www.kultureshocked.com/the-screening-room/2016/8/3/k1zog7ytbcflm4xa3h6vzl1j5nfl30

    I’ll probably do a similar article for Wonder Woman next.

  4. Alan Izar says:

    Finally saw Ghostbusters.


    If this movie were to exist in a vacuum, it would’ve been an OK movie. Since it doesn’t, it’s awesome for what it accomplished. What I liked the most is how non-physical the comedy was – I loathe whenever comedy involves bodily fluids of any kind, and I was bracing myself for that. Also, I loved that McCarthy does not play “brash woman who is brash” as she’s been doing lately – this role reminded me much more of Sookie St James than anything else.

    And since neither this nor its (mandatory) sequels will not be released in China, can we give Holtzmann a girlfriend? Doesn’t have to be Erin, but she was totally flirting with Erin.

  5. Should i wear my Arkham Asylum shirt or my Bebop & Rocksteady shirt to Suicide Squad?

  6. That Which Dreams says:

    (Copied over from TMS)
    In the Berlantiverse crossover next season, I want Kara and Barry to tease Oliver.
    K: Your friend is a downer.
    B: Yeah, Oliver is that way.
    O: I’m not a downer. I simply take things seriously.
    B: You are kinda grumpy.
    K: Yeah, he’s definitely got a grumpy face.
    O: *frowning* I. Do. Not. Have. A. Grumpy. Face.
    Felicity: *walking up* What’s with the grumpy face?

    • That Which Dreams says:

      Wasn’t she confirmed a loooooooooooong time ago?

    • Wheelchair says:

      Only as a guest star, not a series regular. :( This is why I said the move to CW was a bad thing, dangit! I’d rather have more snarktastic Cat scenes than crossovers with shows I don’t watch!

      • She’s on the network that greenlit a King Shark episode instead of the network that cancelled Person of Interest. There might be some tragic negatives to the move, but overall I think it’s a good thing.

    • I still haven’t made it through the whole season. I think I’m a little more than half-way through. It just…it’s not BAD by any means but it doesn’t do anything for me. I like the characterization but the story is just so dull right now. We’ll probably finish it (and I heard more stuff happens in the latter half) but still. Such an odd show.

      • Have you read the comics before or is this your first exposure to the property (like me)?

          • I read it…very little is anything like the comic. Sometimes, things they change are interesting and you can understand why…other times, it seems totally random. And the ending…sort of hits the reset button on the entire season as if it were one gigantic pilot. So…I don’t know how to feel. I’ll watch the beginning of season 2 for sure, hoping to see something more like the comic…but at the moment the only character that’s made it through translation is Cassidy. Garth Ennis put it best…describing the show, he said something like, “I thought it was brilliant that they just cast Cassidy as Cassidy.”

  7. Two things, completely unrelated:

    1. Jill’s article about the Harry Potter release is ADORABLE but I didn’t want to be the first poster because I am sporadically and confusingly shy. The dress! The joy! And your hair game is everything.

    2. My webcomic updated today, but we’re taking a break to get ready for Boston Comic Con, so nothing next week. AND I AM SO DISAPPOINT.

  8. That Which Dreams says:

    Here’s a fake trailer for a Quentin Tarrintino Suicide Squad.

  9. I’ll also do this for my own reasons.

  10. OK. Cursed Child play/book spoiler comments please reply to THIS comment only for the time being.

    • Btw, I finished the book last night and I have THOUGHTS. But will probably write a longer post on that today or tomorrow…

      • I’m only a bit in and it’s so GLUM. : (

        • Wheelchair says:

          Yeah, but we knew that when the synopsis said “Harry is now an overworked Ministry employee and middle-aged father of three.” Because who doesn’t want to see the Boy Who Lived stuck in a boring middle management job? /sarcasm

          • I remember reading that but it doesn’t feel as Office Space as all that. He’s still an Auror, he deals with Ministry business, but it’s still heavy magic stuff. He helps out at Hogwarts. It hasn’t lost its whimsy…it’s just depressing.

    • Wheelchair says:

      Just finished it. So… who was the actual cursed child? Because they never said. Albus? Scorpius? Delphi?