Speak, Nerd, and Enter!


Not at San Diego Comic-Con this year? That’s OK, neither am I! Let’s talk about all things nerdy as we usually do…

For those new around these parts, Speak, Nerd, and Enter! is my regular open thread for folks to talk about anything they’d like that’s not otherwise already covered on TheNerdyBird.com.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m doing my new normal weekend shift at HitFix so keep your eyes peeled there for SDCC stuff!

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  2. That Which Dreams says:

    Winn sings a recap of season one.

  3. That Which Dreams says:

    Despite the fact that I wish they weren’t bringing in all of these men on Supergirl

  4. WheelchairNinja says:

    Seriously considering changing my handle and avatar after hearing about Japan.

    • Wheelchair says:

      Done. The WheelchairNinja brand identity is too strong to make the change permanent, but using the image of a sword-wielding Japanese assassin after today’s attack just felt wrong.

  5. Here’s the giant-sized part the second of my SDCC 2016 armchair coverage! https://mattthecatania.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/all-the-sdcc-2016-news-thats-fit-to-print/

  6. (I posted this on the mothership, let me share it here too)

    And this is why I can’t bring myself to be really happy with Brie Larson’s cast as Captain Marvel:


    My husband and I were talking about it today, he thinks Danvers will have her origin story, just like Spiderman, and that they will take the mantle as soon as the current Avengers leave. Like, in her debut movie, she will probably start as Ms Marvel. And while that might be true, we both agree that its still not a good reason to not have an older Carol Danvers.

    1) For the record: we also think Larson will be amazing at the role. It’s nothing to do with her, its just Hollywood’s sexism again;

    2) Also, I’m so sad Marvel killed two of my fancasts at the same time: Katee Sackhoff as Captain Marvel and Sarah Shahi as Jessica Drew. Cause, if Carol is on her twenties, they are totally gonna have Jess more or less on the same age;

    2.1) I really want to believe Jess will be on the movie (with a decent role, of course), and not be replaced by a stupid male love interest.

  7. Vote White Rabbit if you Instagram! (Ditto Typhoid Mary & Songbird!) https://www.instagram.com/hasbropulse/

  8. The new DC animated series with, well, everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pctd-ThJDOo

  9. Willow Polson says:

    Thank you for this, Jill. I’m not even in the LA area (yet) so I missed the #nerdcrawl that Todd Stashwick was doing, too. So instead, I spent the weekend doing production stuff. Mostly reality show development, but a little bit of possible good news came in the form of a possible Netflix pitch for one of my supernatural drama projects, and I sent a period supernatural feature script over to a major studio, so maybe something magical will happen soon that will have me on the other side of the table at next year’s SDCC. WonderCon would be fine also. :)

  10. The FX Legion trailer is here. Not sure what I think yet BUT Aubrey Plaza is life.


  11. Big stuff at SDCC today: Star Trek, DCTV, Warner Bros (Justice League, WW, Suicide Squad, and Fantastic Beasts), and Marvel.

    • That Which Dreams says:

      Have you heard anything from the Wynonna Earp panel? I’m hoping for good news.

  12. This year Hasbro is running the Marvel Legends fan choice polling
    through daily Instagram matches before moving the finals to Facebook.
    UGH. Somebody with Instagram vote wisely (Songbird! Typhoid Mary!) on my
    behalf! https://www.instagram.com/hasbropulse/

  13. the silver ravens says:

    I havnt watched agents of shield in a while but i might catch up just to see Robbie Reyes

  14. Clinton says:

    I was watching ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ the other day and thinking how neat it would be to cut from a scene of the crew chatting to Kirk and Bones in bed having some pillow talk. Those two should have boned down already. Is this how a fanfic starts?

  15. I’m also at home with the best Mouser not made by Baxter Stockman!


  16. Guys!!! Look at this awesome twitter chat between Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist:


    This is gonna be so cool!!

    (The people behind those accounts… such a great work! Specially the one handling Jessica Jones)

    Edit: ah, is the link appearing to anyone? Lets try this: twitter.com/JessicaJones/status/756304124585521153

  17. To everyone attending SDCC 2016: have fun! Enjoy it for all of us! Also, take pictures and keep us posted, please, thank you very much ;)

  18. VindicaSean says:

    I couldn’t make it to SDCC (and I may not ever, honestly), but I DID manage to get tickets to take my wife to her first con, at *NY*CC, this Fall. Only Sunday, so we can start off easy.