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Here’s a few recent happenings you might want to discuss. Required reading here from creator G. Willow Wilson:

And if you need some context on that:

The weekend box office report is grim for Ghost in the Shell. Expect varying analysis of why it did not succeed…

Some sad news in the comic book criticism world:

You may not have seen me for a while, here’s a reminder of what I am striving to look like now.

26 Responses to “Speak, Nerd, and Enter!”

  1. That Which Dreams says:

    I heard that there was a kerfuffle on a United Airlines flight.

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    Wait, was the canceling of the Marvel lines an April Fool’s Day joke or not?

  3. Hello! I had quite a weekend. The Glass Menagerie on Broadway, and dinner at Ninja New York. We walked the Highline, which is always a treat, and quite a bit of time lost in what was apparently a Hasidic community in Brooklyn. My shoes are trash and worn down to the rubber, so I was bleeding a bit by the time our adventure came to an end…but then yesterday I bought new shoes.

    So, A+ weekend.

    Oh, and Big Little Lies was alright. I quite liked the acting.

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      Hey, I ate at Ninja Sushi this weekend too! Of course it was in Podunksville, Midwest in stead of NYC… ;-P

      • Then, yay, we’re taste buddies ; p that’s some yummy dang food.

      • I went to Ninja once! It was fun for what it was and I liked the decor, but I was sad to miss some of the experience because the place is difficult to get into with the scooter. Have they made it any more accessible since I was there?

        • WheelchairNinja says:

          …the one I went to in Ohio was perfectly accessible, yeah. (Well except for the bar being the standard forehead height, but that’s everywhere. We sat at a table.) But the one you and Adam have visited? No clue. The closest I’ve ever been to NYC is when my family took a trip to New Jersey and stopped at Liberty State Park to see the skyline and back of the Statue of Liberty.

          • Ohhh I didn’t realize they had other locations. Ok never mind haha.

          • WheelchairNinja says:

            Lol, no worries. The restaurants aren’t related, just happen to have the same name. I guess the theming options are rather limited when it comes to Japanese restaurants in the States. ;)

        • I went to school close to there but never went because it wasn’t open for lunch. How does it compare to The Venture Brothers’ edition?

  4. George Trello says:

    Don’t mind me, I’ll just be down here wallowing in nostalgia thanks to your header image. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec0a6704aad11d65dcbfb41f6c56cd09afa81f2897c9a39e37406dade3b8ff2a.gif

  5. WheelchairNinja says:

    Not having seen the anime movie, I enjoyed Ghost in the Shell a lot. I loved the way all her friends completely cut through the “am I still human because I now rely on prosthetics?” BS by constantly telling her “don’t be silly, of course you’re still a person.” I know I have a tendency to see this in everything, but it really did have a pretty strong disability narrative: she’s a year out from a huge physiological change, and even though it saved her life and she’s now technically better off, she’s still struggling to adapt—been there, done that! And i thought that the revelation that she’s a poor teenage WoC who was trying to fight for change and the corrupt people in power were so threatened that they completely erased her identity, even something fundamental as skin color was a pretty relevant social commentary, especially when dealing with the reality of Hollywood politics—that investors only want to back risky, $100+ million films if they have a “bankable” big-budget movie star even though that list is currently about as diverse as the population of Boise, Idaho.

    • George Trello says:

      I too have not seen the anime. Your spoiler makes me sad because that actually sounds interesting and I wish they would have marketed it that way. I mean, there was absolutely ~nothing~ in the marketing of GitS that even made it seem worth watching. I went and saw Lucy in theaters knowing it was problematic because it looked enjoyable (plus, Luc Besson) but this gave me the impression of a double-whammy problematic AND boring. Would you say it’s worth seeing in a theater or should I just wait and watch it at home in six months (if I remember)?

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        The effects and style were very good, so IMHO it’s worth seeing on the big screen. As for the spoiler, it’s the twist/big reveal in the third act, so of course they aren’t going to give it away in the marketing. There were hints: the “she must never find out the truth” bits in the trailers made the “cyborg who doesn’t remember the past was lied to about her accident” trope fairly obvious, but it’s not like some movies where they gave everything away in first teaser–or worse, like Passengers where the stupid trailers teased some big mystery that you learn the answer to in the first five minutes.

        • George Trello says:

          I always assume trailers are going to give away the plot but I’m​ also a weirdo that doesn’t mind spoilers on stuff I’m unsure about investing time in so maybe that’s just me. And yes, things like your Passengers example are the worst. Thanks for the info, maybe I will check this out.

    • Steven Moye says:

      I’m glad you shared that spoiler. Makes me much more interested in the film. I did see the anime, but admittedly wasn’t a huge fan, so this was never necessarily marketed towards me, but that makes me more interested (that and the visuals look really cool).