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The last Speak, Nerd, and Enter! was technically my SDCC open thread so head there to see what you might have missed. In the meantime, please enjoy Marvel actors boogying for your pleasure (and to promote the blu-ray release of Guardians Vol. 2) above.

I’m helping host a Q&A with Israel Skelton tomorrow (Tuesday) for fans to ask him about how things work at Skelton Crew Studio. I hope you’ll join us and throw in a question!

I guested on a podcast recently:

Some sweet swag came from Hasbro last week…

Check out my pal’s Etsy shop!

I am not ashamed.

And finally, I did a minor take-down of that Google anti-diversity crap using Orphan Black. It’s a whole thread so you might want to click over to Twitter for the full effect.

In case you missed me talking about it elsewhere, I’ve got some big, time-consuming projects with tight deadlines on my plate right now so my apologies if posting here gets a big scattered this month and into next. I will let you know what that is when I am allowed to!

31 Responses to “Speak, Nerd, and Enter!”

  1. Is 23 days the record for a SNAE on the front page?

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    They traveled through time and got Rob Lowe from St Elmo’s Fire to star in Stranger Things.

  3. VindicaSean says:

    Hey, so this just came across my Twitter feed, and I figured if any Goldblum was welcome (we all know it is) then *androgynous* Goldblum must also be. https://twitter.com/KatePow3ll/status/900982515174965249

  4. -trying to work up the nerve to send a professional email to two different individuals about interviews-

  5. That Which Dreams says:

    Maybe we all just need a Pepsi.

  6. WheelchairNinja says:

    RIP Jerry Lewis. Whether or not you agree with his methods, he helped raise supports for a lot of crips.

  7. Today has been good.

  8. That Which Dreams says:

    Be scared, kiddies.

  9. Woah, Nelly! I mean, Jill!

    …where’d Nelly come from, anyway? *Googles*

    “Nelly (or Nellie) was the stereotypical name for a female horse or mule. “Whoa Nelly!” follows the same conventions as “Hold your horses!” The phrase was popularized on TV via The Roy Rogers Show (1951–1957).”

    HUH. Anyway. You had a busy week! We’re all having a busy 24 hours, though, what with the impending doom we’re facing.

    I have some cute characters I’d like to share, though, to maybe ease off some of that excess terror? For at least a few minutes?

    So, they’re below.

    Also, Jill, I listened to some of Ability…your description of life in school was a bucket o’ cold water, because I remember getting the kind of “talk” you’re presuming from a teacher when a blind kid joined our class. As if ANY kid needs extra Othering, here’s a lecture on why this particular newbie is made of porcelain and you should take extra care to keep your distance and gawk politely. Ugh. I’m sorry. As a former, childhood gawker.

    I was a porky little kid, dressed by a single parent with no fashion sense. Lots of uniform color sweats. On Halloween, I wore purple. Just heaps of purple. Just one fat Grimacey blanket of purple. …and children are shits. I’m not sure whats worse, being included because you’re good at being a buffoon or being excluded…but I know which way I went. Here I am, still assclowning around.

    …and, I forgot to add the picture.


  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X6CZBBX?tag=viglink20435-20
    I’m not sure if Mera is strictly Amazon exclusive like go-go Harley or a shared TRU exclusive like Menalippe.