Special delivery for The Nerdy Bird!

I just love it when the internet makes things just for me. I had about 50 people send me the link to this story so I figured I should post it instead of just drooling on it.

Yes, Whovians! That is our very own 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, dressed up like Batman. Be still my heart!! The Daily Mail reported Smith was participating in an event in California called 24 Hour Plays. “All the plays in the event are written the night before by various playwrights and the actors then spend just one day rehearsing before performing it,” wrote the website. The event hosted such actors as Jenna Elfman, Eva Mendes, Saffron Burrows, Adam Brody and Raven Simone.

“At the start of his play – called Gotham Autopsy – Matt was covered in a sheet in a mortuary before he came to life as a confused Batman,” writes TDM. Comedian Nick Swardson played Smith’s Robin in the skit which also had Smith utilizing an American accent until halfway through for some big laughs. There was also another superhero connection on stage that night…

Yup, Fantastic Four actor Ioan Gruffudd was also a participant in the play. TDM writes, “Gruffudd stunned the audience when he stripped off into woman’s lingerie and did a dance in the play about sex therapy in which he was alongside Sex in the City actor David Eigenberg.”
My god, I knew Reed Richards had some secrets buried away but not THIS!
Also, *swoon* for the Smith/Batman, or should I say Batsmith? Or Smithbat? Oh wait, I’ve got it…Mattman.

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  1. CaptKirk42 says:

    Matt Smith is even cool as Batman. Those 24 hour play-a-thons or whatever they like to call them are done here on the east-coast as well in the DC area. I don't remember which group/theatre hosts it. I keep meaning to at least try to remember when it's done to see it.

  2. DJRM says:


  3. Psychotronic says:

    Thought you might get a kick out of that. LoL!

  4. Matt Hyde says:

    I was so hoping that picture was from the Doctor Who Christmas special… ;)