A Spell Is Cast

Abracadabra! Hubba-hubba! Zatanna is coming to Smallville!!

TV Guide landed the exclusive casting news. Model/actress Serinda Swan (kind of a great magician’s name itself) will be playing the sexy DC superheroine in episode 17 of this season appropriately titled “Hex.” Swan’s character will grant Chloe a wish on her birthday. What does Chloe wish for? To lead Lois Lane’s “normal” life. She also grants Clark his own wish during the episode.

io9 is also reporting a few more details, “[The antique dealer] warns that Zatanna is after a spell that is supposed to save her dead father, but really will endanger the whole world.” Apparently she also temps Ollie with bringing back his parents from the dead but he refuses so she curses him. Doesn’t seem like the Zatanna I know, then again, this is Smallville.

Swan hasn’t had too much acting experience but she did guest star on that other CW show, Supernatural, a few years ago. So what do we think of the casting? I’ve never seen her act but I think she’s got the perfect look for the role. It actually made me laugh when I started searching for pictures. For all the times people complain about how women in comics proportions are totally wrong, along comes a girl who actually HAS that unrealistic look. For once I don’t mind that they’re choosing a model for a role, Zatanna definitely has a high standard in my book.

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10 Responses to “A Spell Is Cast”

  1. Sorry I’m just getting back to this now.

    @ An Eerie Tapestry, I can’t believe I never wondered about that myself. Let’s hope they don’t skip over the backwards speech entirely.

    One of my fellow GEN writers is going to be interviewing the actress soon so maybe we’ll find out!

  2. Great, I’ll finally find out whether Zatanna just says her backwards spells like they’re spelt or actually talks backwards like that creepy dream dwarf in Twin Peaks. If the former, it’s lucky Lana’s not on the show anymore.

    The actress looks great for the part.

  3. angela says:

    She doesn’t really have the look to me…she just looks slutty..

  4. K. D. Bryan says:

    I don’t really watch Smallville as much as I used to but I’m always happy to have Zatanna get more exposure. I’m looking forward to Dini’s much-talked about but yet unseen Black Canary/Zatanna team-up with art by the awesome Amanda Conner.

    Still, as apropos as this young lady looks, I can’t help wondering if Paul Dini’s wife, the inimitable Misty Lee feels gypped. :P

    (Word Verification: “Trapsy”. Apparently, Blogger has a crush on The Trapster.)

  5. Rich says:

    She really does have the look doesn’t she?

  6. Andy says:

    Zatanna and Green Arrow are two of my all-time favorite JLA’ers. I may have to watch this episode.

    Paul Dini’s work with Zatanna in the pages of Detective has been outstanding.

  7. Randy says:

    I started watching Smallville again this season after feeling it jumped the shark a few years ago.

    I have to say that I am impressed. The Legion episode last week was flawless. Perfect, in my opinion. And I liked last night’s episode.

    Zatanna is another favorite JLAer of mine, so of course I will be watching it. Good casting from the looks of it.

  8. Eric N B says:

    I don’t know this actress/model, but I likey.

    I don’t like Smallville, it jumped the shark a long, long time ago, but I may check this out just for Zatanna.

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