Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist on the New DC TV Series: “I Really Would Love to Reach Young Girls”


DC Comics’ Supergirl makes its debut on CBS tonight and their star Melissa Benoist is saying all the right things (even in the face of adversity and negativity).

“Forty years since [Linda Carter’s] debut as Wonder Woman, Supergirl now takes off tonight right here on CBS,” says the anchor in her intro to their Benoist interview. She later added, “[It’s] so great to have a superhero…a female superhero back in primetime TV.”

You ain’t kidding.


That’s me dressed as Supergirl for Halloween in Kindergarten. I’ve told the story many times but having a hero like Supergirl in my life at such a young age affected me in such a positive and significant way and I am overjoyed with the prospect of this happening to a new generation. (I even got to interview original Supergirl Helen Slater a few years ago which was a highlight of my career!)

Benoist seems to agree, representation is important.

In her interview with CBS, the topic of Presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s words about the actor became a topic of conversation. You may recall what he said at a Las Vegas event after being asked about comic book characters. He mentioned he’d seen an advertisement for CBS’s new show saying, “[Benoist] looked kind of…she looked pretty hot. I don’t know which channel it’s on, but I’m looking forward to that.”

“I heard about it, but you know, I don’t know!” Benoist laughed while discussing the inappropriate comment with CBS,”I’m glad he’s excited to watch the show.”

She later went on to say, “I think that everyone would be able to take something from it, but I really would love to reach young girls and to be a role model for them.”

CNN happened to speak with two of my pals on this topic recently, Alan Kistler and Sam Maggs! Speaking first, Alan said, “I think it’s fantastic that (in the show), you have four formidable women with very different goals, personalities and resources, who can all show young people of any gender that there is more than one way for a woman to be interesting and strong.”

“You don’t have to be stoic or humorless to be a superheroine; you can be into boys and clothes and shopping,” said Sam, “Sure, that wouldn’t work for Black Widow, because that’s just fundamentally not who Natasha Romanoff is; but shocking, I know — all women are different and can like different things. Just because Kara is a little more traditionally feminine doesn’t mean she can’t also kick ass and take names.”

Benoist also told CBS “It’s [Kara’s] story, that’s what’s important,” not her attractiveness as some would prefer. “That’s not her and that’s not what’s important about her…[It’s] her actions, her positivity, and bravery.”

And as for how long it’s taken us to get another woman with superpowers her own television show? “I think that people are ready. I think it’s about time.”

Check out the full interview here and make sure you watch the first episode of Supergirl on CBS tonight!

5 Responses to “Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist on the New DC TV Series: “I Really Would Love to Reach Young Girls””

  1. craigmacd says:

    It was a lot of fun. I’m more excited for upcoming episodes featuring Reactron, Livewire, Red Tornado, Non, etc. I’m really hoping they bring Bizarro-Girl in at some point and Silver Banshee (who, along with Reactron, is probably Supergirl’s most well-known nemesis in the comics).

  2. Adam Blackhat says:

    Psh, if a man said that, you’d call him a pervert, but she wants to reach young girls and it’s FINE. Well, that’s just GREAT.

    Honestly, I’m psyched. It’ll be the first time in this DECADE that we’ve gotten a Super-character that doesn’t seem the least bit depressed about how awesome they are. For how many years did Smallville’s Tom Welling Puppydog-eye the world and mope? If this is the future, the future looks bright. And happy!