Do You Need to Talk About Sherlock: The Abominable Bride?


Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss brought the world a special Sherlock yesterday. Was the Victorian-era The Abominable Bride everything you’d hoped it would be or everything you’d feared it would be?

Or perhaps you fell somewhere in between like me? I watched it because I’ve been a Sherlock fan and was interested in the premise but halfway through the 9o-minute special I regretted that decision.

Immediately following the episode I tweeted:

“If you thought there were a lot of think pieces on Star Wars: TFA, wait til everyone watches the new #Sherlock.”

To that end I’m not going to bother getting into the nuts and bolts myself, it’s just not worth the aggravation personally, but like the new Star Wars I figured I’d give all of you a place to discuss the episode openly!

Go wild.

11 Responses to “Do You Need to Talk About Sherlock: The Abominable Bride?”

  1. Not being able to vote is a free pass for murder. Seems fair.

  2. pseudicide says:

    I was looking forward to this and seeing how they tied the 19th century into the main arc. However what I got was self-indulgent and frustrating. Also gross. Wtf was the point of the fat suit? Really??

    • I heard someone else say Mycroft is “large” in the books but even if that were the case, that whole thread was a terrible bit of hateful writing and unnecessary.

      • Yeah, Mycroft is indulgent — kind of reminds me of King Robert — in the books, but I don’t remember them betting on his death. That was mean-spirited and nasty.

  3. Texas Bob says:

    Like many were, I was torn on the whole episode. It was tough to fully accept the Victorian backdrop, but they tossed it around pretty well with a little humor, “this is the 19th Century and all.”

    I will admit I’ve never read any of Doyle’s work so I go into episodes without knowing the punchline, but this one was one I knew the “how’d they do that?” aspect pretty quickly and it was rather elementary (and got people thinking a lot- especially about Moriarty.
    Without spoiling the episode for others, we all have to admit that unless we obsessed over the end of Series 3, the end of The Abominable Bride was exactly what we needed… especially since we’ll probably end the whole series without truly knowing what happened at Reichenbach.

  4. Moffat made an MRA propo and dressed it up in Victoriana (credit to to rest of production, it is BEAUTIFULLY done.) What should men fear: women banding together instead of taking what men dish out without compunction. We have Mary the Cool Girl (not like all those OTHER women) and Mrs. Hudson who I’m not even sure spoke about something other than men, but who were at least allowed to speak to each other, and every other woman is a vengeful harridan.