There can be only one.

Or can there?

There was a Highlander marathon on tv recently of which I recorded as many episodes as my DVR would fit. I was a huge fan of the show and not only because Adrian Paul was scorchingly hot. He was scorchingly hot AND he knew how to wield a sword. But I digress. My mom walked in while I was watching a few episodes this weekend and said, “You know, he reminds me a lot of Sean Connery.” Mesmerized by Adrian’s long-hair beauty, I shrugged, barely registering her remark.

Last night Goldfinger was on. I say to my mom, “You know, the guy from Highlander really looks like a young Sean Connery.” Then, thinking to myself, “I must blog about this!” My mom looked at me incredulously and said, “You’re absolutely right! Remember when I told you that yesterday?”

Sigh. So it wasn’t a completely original idea but I’m sure I (and my mom) can’t be the first to have noticed the resemblance. There’s a sad shortage of good Adrian Paul pictures online but I think I found some good comparison shots. If you watch Highlander you can see that even his mannerisms are similar at times.
Of course the fun trivia is that Sean Connery was in the original Highlander film (and it’s sequel). While I could care less about anything James Bond, it got me thinking Adrian would make a great 007. What do you think? Either way, Hollywood, you need more Adrian Paul.
The girl with the sword next to her bed.

3 Responses to “There can be only one.”

  1. justyve says:

    I have ALWAYS thought they looked a like.

  2. Royal Lance says:

    Oh, and Adrian Paul is from the UK,too. Nice pick Jill.

  3. GeekBoy says:

    Somewhat coincidentally, two different times over the past month, independent of each other, people at parties have started conversations with me about what a crap job The Powers That Be have done with maintaining the Highlander franchise. I remember loving the original movie so much, but didn’t think either the sequels or the TV show (which I’ll admit I only saw a few episodes of) ever quite lived up to that legacy. But in this day and age of rebooting classic franchises, I suppose there’s always time to remedy that.