Tricky, Tricky!

This optical illusion makes my brain very happy.

Two great things rolled into one!

Art by Olly Moss.

11 Responses to “Tricky, Tricky!”

  1. OrigamiGirl says:

    I love it. I want it on a poster or a shirt so I can stare at its wonder over and over again.

  2. elf_tower says:

    This should have been the poster for "The Prestige".

  3. heartbug says:

    Since the dawn of the Stone Age, drawing has been a primary method of human expression, one of man’s many tools of reflection and interpretation.
    "how to draw cartoons"

  4. Josh Hill says:

    oh Jill you have such a naughty mind when it comes to your Batmen :P

  5. I, for one, am always in the mood for a Bat-Sandwich. ;)

  6. Nice. So you can choose whichever you're in the mood for: a single Wolverine or a Bat-Sandwich. ;)

  7. Thank you SO much K. Starks! I had no idea who it was by and I really wanted to give credit. I shall update accordingly. :)

  8. K. Starks says:

    Just an FYI this is by Olly Moss – he's pretty awesome. You can see his schtuff over at

  9. pTLindy says:

    Very nice.

  10. Cubed_Link says:

    This is completely awesome! As a huge Wolverine fan I saw him first. Definite kudos to the person who created this! :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    If you offered this on a shirt or poster I would so buy it!