If You’re Going to Visit Westworld, Make Sure You Ask Questions First

Westworld is a great concept for a sci-fi show but you’d never catch me there. I’ve watched and read far too much sci-fi to trust my life in the hands of artificial intelligence. I mean, things go bad 99.9% the time (not a scientific measurement), don’t they? But even those who love a good AI story are tempted by the real thing. But if you do decide to go to Westworld, better ask the important questions first.

Westworld theories and deep dives are all the rage thanks to HBO’s new series exploring a “what if” type of future. But anachronistic musical cues and alternate reality games aside, what’s the reality of the park? What would people be asking before they signed up if this was the real world instead of fantasy?

On her YouTube, Jenny Nicholson provides low-key, geeky comedy and intends to explore these questions. She’s previously weighed in on Rey’s parentage in Star Wars, Batman v Superman, and more on her channel. This time she’s asking the tough questions of Westworld. For instance: how do those fancy bullets work? What kind of vetting do the employees go through? Do the robots suffer?

Watch as Nicholson attempts to give both sides of the story.

(via Laughing Squid)

2 Responses to “If You’re Going to Visit Westworld, Make Sure You Ask Questions First”

  1. Honestly…when you have an opening, recruit the Hell out of her. She’s brilliant and she carries the whole thing with little to no visible effort or budget. It’s remarkable. See? I remarked upon it.