Will I ever grow up?

Probably not. Images for the latest wave of DC Classics action figures from Mattel have been released and they’re already burning a hole in my pocket. That is to say, the money I’ll be spending on them is.

I’ll start off with my favorite – Starman. I prefer Jack Knight but I’ll take Ted in a pinch and hell, if they come in a set, why not? Usually first, but a close second in this case is the Sinestro Corps Batman. I love how he was in the Corps for all of five seconds and he gets an action figure. Sweet Batarang ring construct though.

Resurrected Martian Manhunter gets a reworking but not in his latest duds (look for a second version with his Martian head) and for the first time ever, Saturnian Jemm gets a figure of his own. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but Jemm just recently made an appearance in the New Krypton storyline. Raven was included as a Fans Choice but it looks like she’s ready for diving practice. Thankfully there’s plenty of articulation points in these folks.

Speaking of points of articulation, how about a classic OMAC to fold in half and keep on your shelf? The Golden Pharaoh has a transparent purple torso and a badass bald head. That’s pretty much all I can say about him.

Each new figure in the wave comes with a piece that will eventually build you a Validus if you collect them all. And if you’ve got the moola, Entertainment Earth is selling two sets of the figures with additional “Best Ofs,” hence the Blue Beetle in that picture.

I’m quite a fan of the DC Classics line actually. Some of them tend to look a little funky because of the crazy number of articulation points but for the most part they look really good. Starman for me definitely out of the new wave, what about you?

6 Responses to “Will I ever grow up?”

  1. PTLindy says:

    "Golden Pharoah" = preserve trademark apperance . . .

    Starman was done a few years ago, but this new one looks pretty good . . .

    And I would spend lots o' money to get Ambush Bug with Cheeks the Toy Wonder (he died / should have been a Black Lantern!) and Jonni DC . . .

  2. No you will not ever grow up.
    Niether will I.

  3. Randy says:

    TS, an Ambush Bug figure would be a must-buy for me too.

    However, I think he should come with Cheeks the Toy Wonder instead of Jonni DC.

    Both would be ideal, but if they had a vote for which one would get included, mine would be for Cheeks.

  4. Dave says:

    Oh, man these look great! DC is making it hard to keep up with my Starman figures collection. I almost had my collection complete. Now I have these two to add to my list on top of DC Direct Starman VIII and Stargirl.

    Golden Pharaoh looks good too. I wonder if there are plans to add him to the comics. It would be cool though the New Gods are off on Kirby-Earth.

  5. TS Hendrik says:

    They're cool and all, but when am I going to get the action figure I've been waiting for since I was 7? Where's my Ambush Bug action figure? Maybe a set with Jonni DC?

  6. Randy says:

    Both Starmen for sure. Maybe the Sinestro Batman.

    Golden Pharoah?? He was a Super Powers figure back in the 80s. Never made a comics or cartoon appearance other than the DC Comics Super Powers mini-series. Why's HE getting a figure??